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For anyone who is looking at comparing a Jack Rabbit SL2, SL3, or SL4 to a Copper Spur UL2, UL3, or UL4 the following should be useful to you. Most of the differences involve different design choices, most are fairly minor, but they are distinguishable between tents. The most obvious and by far the biggest difference most people will consider after looking at the two tents is price. If you are an ounce counter, then the Spur is likely your choice, as it’s nearly a pound lighter then the Rabbit.
I would have thought the hinge of the door wouldn’t have mattered, but the fact that there is a difference made me try both in the field.
In addition to this the zipper slides are actually different on the Spur then the Rabbit, but only in that the Rabbit uses rope as pull cord and the Spur is an BA embroidered nylon strap. The silicone treated nylon rip-stop that is used on the Rabbit is thicker and you can feel it.
Looking at the poles out of there pack there is an obvious difference about the hubs, which is that the hubs are different.

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A injection molded plastic hub is use on the Rabbit, vs a lightweight hub made of aluminum (probably also by DAC) is used on the Spur. The Spur uses a dual purpose plastic fitting that keeps the cross pole from rubbing along the spine and combines a clip for the top of the fabric.

The Spur is an orange boat with a light tan middle, with a grey rainfly with orange end panels. The Spur has DAC’s J-stakes which are shorter than the poles, but much more resilient. The aluminum hubs of the spur fit cleanly and uses the design strength of a circle to bear the load. There are some other differences such as the anodizing, but it’s not structurally noteworthy.

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