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PS Cumulus Flash tag cloud adapted from the Wordpress original by Roy Tanck requires Flash Player 9 or better. The sugar saucepan is the typical utensil for making caramel, well-known of pastrymen and pastrywomen. This paste can be used easily and regularly to maintain your copper but there is no need to use it after each use of your utensils. Falk copper saucepans are crafted with your needs in mind, no matter how small or large your culinary venture might be. Our copper woks are incredibly versatile, serving a variety of culinary purposes from deep-frying to steaming and braising as well stir frying. Our saucier pans each possess a wide diameter and lower sides, perfect for making sauces and reductions and roux. The unique Falk Copper Steamer performs superbly in the oven when not in use on the hob where it steams vegetables to crisp perfection.
The higher sides and curvature of our copper mousseline pans simplify whisking of high volume dishes that contain egg whites or whipped cream. Our copper saute pans have flat bottoms and straight sides, which are slightly higher than our frying pans to help retain moisture. The flat bottoms and low sides of these copper gratin pans are perfect for oven-baking recipes that require gently browned crusts.

Crafted of solid copper in the time-honored tradition, our Sugar Pans and Jam Pots are a confectioner's delight. Falk solid copper casseroles are the natural choice for dishes that require slow cooking and constant temperature regulation. Even our smallest pieces of copper cookware boast all the superior benefits and attributes of Falk Culinair's patented bimetal technology.
Our large solid copper cauldrons with flat bottoms, high sides and loop handles, are perfect for slowly simmering stocks and soups. Our many different lids, all designed to fit each of our copper vessels for results you can depend upon.
Engineered with gently curved low sides which allow more evaporation for thicker stews, sauces and casseroles. Designed by a group of professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts, our eight copper cookware sets provide versatility and convenience.
And because we stand behind the quality of our cookware, we also offer a lifetime warranty. This is a prety small pan, so does fit in the mini-cuisine section, but it's great for small portions and not so small as to be impractical. What a delightful little pan, perfect for small quantities when I just want to make enough for one.

Pan arrived yesterday, on time as always (FYI Neil & Carol send via a courier than gives an hour window for delivery!).
We use this one ALL THE TIME - for making quick puddings (since nothing burns in it!), making sauces, cooking peas with butter, boiling eggs or milk, making porridge - you name it.
Your resource for cuisinart products such as cuisinart cookware and cuisinart stand mixers. Portions for two simmer, bubble and steam splendidly while retaining moisture for optimum flavour and texture.
Doesn't scorch thanks to the thick copper construction and the interior means that it's easy to clean. As with all Falk, the exterior looks fantastic--a lot better than the polished alternatives. The stainless steel interiors are bonded for the life of the cookware in our bimetal process, providing you with performance and durability, which is unsurpassed in the industry.

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