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A while ago, I saw a picture of a kitchen I liked very much in an interior design magazine. The article stated that the picture had been taken inside a 200 years old farmhouse in the countryside of France, and I was reminded of that picture the next time my travels took me to France again and I visited my friend Mireille, the owner of a restaurant near Paris. Copper, Affinity, Priority, Appety, Mineral Steel, Blue Steel, Carbon Steel, Choc induction non-stick, Choc non-stick, Stainless steel. The world’s leading producer of premium quality baking tools – durable and hygienic, equipment and tools the professional can trust. Specialist baking tools and storage for the professional – quality, durable, hygienic, equipment and tools. CULINARY EQUIPMENT COMPANYCulinary transforms the vision of homes, restaurants, cafes, and commercial kitchens through custom designs and top of the line products. We help homemakers fit their dream cooker, make perfect espresso at home and help businesses build better customer experiences.

Our showroom is packed with premier kitchen tools, and our passion for perfect cappuccinos is renowned.
The furniture was cottage style, and hanging from several hooks on the walls as well as standing in various open cupboards was an assembly of beautifully polished copper pots and pans.
It had been just recently redecorated in a wonderfully traditional and slightly rustic style, and I could not help but smile when I recognized several items of old-fashioned copper kitchen ware that had been strategically placed all about the room. I think I am becoming one now myself, especially since she later invited me to her home kitchen, where we cooked dinner together, of course with her personal copper pots and pans and casseroles.
The composite construction of the pieces allows for perfectly even heat distribution from the bottom to the sides of the pan. Clay, a natural and noble material, has been used since the mists of the time to cook or preserve food. The warm glow of the copper seemed to reflect onto the whole room and gave it a homely atmosphere.

We went shopping the following day, and I brought some really nice copper items for my own kitchen back from my trip to France – and only very few of them will be for decoration only – that is for sure! The composition of the metal is unique in that it is one continuous form that extends the entire piece.
I could very well imagine to be somewhere on an old farm in the country instead of the urbane capital of France! This poacher comes with stainless steel handles a lid and a rack for support and removal of the fish. Electric Chain Saw - 14.5 AmpSHOW ALLTrimmers> Catalog Source BB-100 BareBlaster Weed Removal System> Worx WG105 12 in.

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