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24.10.2013 admin
Assorted vintage copper pots and pans with brass handles, different sizes and makers, an estate lot of miscellaneous pieces. 70s vintage made in Korea copper kitchenware, tinned solid copper pots and pans with brass handles. I have been thinking about how much stuff we buy & re-buy over the years, when we would be better off investing in good, lasting things in the beginning.

These have had a lot of wear and rubbing to the tinned interiors from use, but a lovely patina all over. We had perfectly useful cast-iron years ago, but we gave up in rusty, non-seasoned frustration and sold them in a garage sale {for a nickle, I’m sure!}. For now, I have had plenty of time to think about what is important in our next home & for me the absolutely most important space is the kitchen.

When we do buy, I wouldn’t mind some of the simple, lovely wares from finnish design shop, but the plain-old skillet has it’s own beauty too!

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