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A?75.00Buy it nowor Best OfferThis pan set was purchased for a new refit kitchen but because my wife has now decided to go for an induction range oven they can't be used.
We love Mauviel copper preserving pans -- so much, in fact, that they're all we use to make our jams! For the home jam maker who is serious about taking their craft to the next level, we can recommend no product more highly than these Mauviel copper preserving pans!
Our Commitment: We are committed to providing you with the finest copper cookware products and the best customer experience.
Falk copper saucepans are crafted with your needs in mind, no matter how small or large your culinary venture might be. Our copper woks are incredibly versatile, serving a variety of culinary purposes from deep-frying to steaming and braising as well stir frying. Our saucier pans each possess a wide diameter and lower sides, perfect for making sauces and reductions and roux. The unique Falk Copper Steamer performs superbly in the oven when not in use on the hob where it steams vegetables to crisp perfection. The higher sides and curvature of our copper mousseline pans simplify whisking of high volume dishes that contain egg whites or whipped cream.
Our copper saute pans have flat bottoms and straight sides, which are slightly higher than our frying pans to help retain moisture. The flat bottoms and low sides of these copper gratin pans are perfect for oven-baking recipes that require gently browned crusts. Crafted of solid copper in the time-honored tradition, our Sugar Pans and Jam Pots are a confectioner's delight. Falk solid copper casseroles are the natural choice for dishes that require slow cooking and constant temperature regulation. Even our smallest pieces of copper cookware boast all the superior benefits and attributes of Falk Culinair's patented bimetal technology.

Our large solid copper cauldrons with flat bottoms, high sides and loop handles, are perfect for slowly simmering stocks and soups.
Our many different lids, all designed to fit each of our copper vessels for results you can depend upon. Engineered with gently curved low sides which allow more evaporation for thicker stews, sauces and casseroles. Designed by a group of professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts, our eight copper cookware sets provide versatility and convenience. When conditioning the pan by warming some olive oil in it, I was struck by a remarkably good smell wafting through the kitchen. I am totally delighted with my purchase, which arrived less than 24 hours after placing the order.
I am pleased to say I received really good service from this company and would recommend them to anyone. I recently placed an order with Faulk culinair and was very pleased with both the efficiency of the service I received as well as loving the product.
I ordered my 18cm Copper Saucier Pan from Falk Culinair UK and I received it the next day. The start of a lifelong collection - met my expectations and will no longer be looking anywhere else for copper cook-ware. The addition of sapphire particles increases the already superior scratch resistance of the BEEM BIO-LON CERAMIC non-stick coating. Stamped on the front "L.GAGE L2" Quality item, would look great in any kitchen, a real piece of history. Copper pans will add to your kitchen collection with professional level cookware, as they are the first choice of cookware for chefs and cooking enthusiasts alike.
I don't think this impression was just a placebo effect related to my pleasure at handling this beautifully made object.

Like most folk, I looked at various copper cookware brands and trawled through reviews before spending my hard earned cash.
The product I ordered was out of stock, so I had an email immediately, informing me of that fact, letting me know when the product came back into stock, and when it was despatched! I received the goods within 24 hours of ordering and was given a 1 hour time slot at no additional cost. The Mauviel M'passion Copper Jam Pan is designed for heating fruits and sugar when making jam.
Their shape is perfect for quick moisture evaporation and prevents boiling over, copper provides even heat distribution and doesn’t react with the fruit-sugar mixture, and many people (including us) believe that the copper helps enhance the flavor of the jam.
If you have any questions about our products, you don't see what you're looking for, or you would like our coppersmiths to design something special, please do not hesitate to contact us!
I used to think the mirrored copper of Mauviel was more aesthetically pleasing than the brushed copper of Falk. Copper pans also ensure evenly cooked food since copper is a great conductor of heat, which allows the heat to spread through the pan evenly.
Pots and pans can be found made of all copper, or made up of a combination of copper and other metals such as stainless steel or cast iron. I love the look of these Falk products and the brushed copper shouldn't require the same upkeep as Mauviel.

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