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For those who want lasting beauty and the look of luxury,  the All Clad Cop R Chef collection is the perfect product. Not to be confused with All Clad’s Copper Core,which is built with a copper inner layer, Cop-R-Chef has an outer skin of shiny copper, a thick aluminum core and a shiny stainless steel interior. Now that you understand the difference between the two, let’s talk about this beautiful Cop R Chef line. When it comes to heat conductivity, the All Clad Cop R Chef cookware has the best of both worlds. The stainless steel interior creates the ideal cooking surface that won’t react with foods and its polished surface makes it stick resistant. This All Clad Copper Core 10-Piece Cookware Set is part of All Clad’s premier copper core collection and is the ultimate copper core stainless steel cookware on the market. All Clad are well known for the quality, performance and fantastic looks of their stainless steel cookware, and their copper core collection utilizes a patented 5-ply construction that combines the excellent heat conduction properties of copper with the benefits of stainless steel – hygienic, strong and durable, good looking and easy to clean.
There’s a huge range of stainless steel cookware on offer from all the top manufacturers and it can vary a lot in terms of quality and performance, as well as price with All-Clad® being at the top end for all three. The best quality cookware will have the copper or aluminium core in the sides of the pans as well as on the bottom – this is important when cooking with gas because licking flames can cause hot spots, especially if you have to put a small pot on a big burner. Good cookware is made to last for years and so you’ll be living with it for quite some time.
These pans all have a solid, heavy feel to them, without being too heavy to handle comfortably. A couple features that we really like about All Clad cookware are the rolled edges which help prevent dripping when transferring contents and also provide a perfect fit with the lids to help lock in flavor and heat, and the long, stay-cool, stainless steel handles  which are permanently attached with stainless steel rivets – it all adds up to an overall feel of quality and thought that has gone into these pans.
Copper Core is All Clad’s top of the range cookware collection and uses their patented 5-ply bonded construction. The center core is made from copper which is absolutely the best material for heat conductivity and heat retention which produces even heat distribution and makes it very responsive – in cookware that means no hotspots, plus any changes to the cooking temperature translate to your food much quicker. The next layers of aluminum have almost as good heat conductivity as the copper core but are much lighter weight and so stop the pans being too heavy (and of course, it’s considerably less expensive). The interior and exterior layers of stainless steel are hygienic, strong and durable, good looking and easy to clean, and also mean that you can use the cookware on induction hobs. So, by wrapping copper and aluminum cores inside two layers of stainless steel you get all the following advantages of each metal without the disadvantages. With all these benefits it’s easy to see why copper core stainless steel cookware sets are considered by many cooks to be the ultimate cookware.
All Clad believe in standing behind their products ans so this cookware set comes with a limited LIFETIME warranty, as you would expect when you’re spending this much money.
We check prices regularly for all the cookware sets that we review and we generally find that Amazon has the best prices.
We think we’ve covered pretty much everything in this All Clad Copper Core 10-Piece Cookware Set Review, but if you still want to read more reviews, the best place for reviews from people who actually use the product is Amazon. Falk copper saucepans are crafted with your needs in mind, no matter how small or large your culinary venture might be. Our copper woks are incredibly versatile, serving a variety of culinary purposes from deep-frying to steaming and braising as well stir frying. Our saucier pans each possess a wide diameter and lower sides, perfect for making sauces and reductions and roux. The unique Falk Copper Steamer performs superbly in the oven when not in use on the hob where it steams vegetables to crisp perfection. The higher sides and curvature of our copper mousseline pans simplify whisking of high volume dishes that contain egg whites or whipped cream. Our copper saute pans have flat bottoms and straight sides, which are slightly higher than our frying pans to help retain moisture. The flat bottoms and low sides of these copper gratin pans are perfect for oven-baking recipes that require gently browned crusts.
Crafted of solid copper in the time-honored tradition, our Sugar Pans and Jam Pots are a confectioner's delight. Falk solid copper casseroles are the natural choice for dishes that require slow cooking and constant temperature regulation.
Even our smallest pieces of copper cookware boast all the superior benefits and attributes of Falk Culinair's patented bimetal technology. Our large solid copper cauldrons with flat bottoms, high sides and loop handles, are perfect for slowly simmering stocks and soups. Our many different lids, all designed to fit each of our copper vessels for results you can depend upon.

Engineered with gently curved low sides which allow more evaporation for thicker stews, sauces and casseroles. Designed by a group of professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts, our eight copper cookware sets provide versatility and convenience. My first product arrived by courier less than 24 hours after ordering, my second product ordered Friday, arrived Monday.
The start of a lifelong collection - met my expectations and will no longer be looking anywhere else for copper cook-ware.
I have looked around for some time before purchasing copper cookware, the advice, service and support I received from Faulk is second to none. I recently placed an order with Faulk culinair and was very pleased with both the efficiency of the service I received as well as loving the product. Ordered the large Rondeau pan and lid on Monday it was delivered the next day, great service. We were informed of delivery at every stage with a really useful one hour timeslot, a warped lid was replaced by next post, everyone was helpful.
Built like an outhouse but beautifully crafted to nice to put away out of sight, seasoned with oil once heated cooked eggs an sausages no sticking love this pan.
The quality of the product as well as the customer service have exceeded my expectations as a customer. Its been a long time since I last received the customer service that Falk Culinair provide.
In honor of my good friend Christine who is moving to Chile today, I wanted to write a post about her soon-to-be home- and more specifically, my favorite souvenirs from Chile. You will see these little ceramic animal figurines, including birds, frogs and elephants, all over Chile. Note: Chilean beer is also delicious due to a large influx of Germans after WWII (They were absolutely not Nazis, mind you).
This is a box I bought at Isla Negra, one of the three homes of eccentric and brilliant Chilean poet and Nobel Prize Winner, Pablo Neruda. I would highly recommending any of his three homes; La Chascona in Santiago, La Sebastiana in Valparaiso and Isla Negra. About Latest Posts Follow me!Ashley FleckensteinAshley is an American travel blogger and freelance writer who moved to Paris at 21, traveled the world for a year and now lives in Denver. Pick up a jersey from the Chilean national team or one of several Chilean teams like Colo-Colo or La Universidad de Chile.
Hi Ashley, soon it will be my first time in Chile and I found your souvenir suggestion list very interesting, professional and cute… on my way back home I will be able to tell also how useful it was! Enter your email address to subscribe to Ashley Abroad and receive notifications of new posts by email. Website content and photos are property of this site's owner, Ashley Fleckenstein, unless otherwise stated. The next set we have in our cookware reviews is the Calphalon Contemporary Stainless 13-Piece Cookware Set. The next set we will be making a review on is the KitchenAid Gourmet Essentials Hard Anodized Nonstick 10-Piece Cookware Set.
The Magnalite Classic 13-Piece Cookware Set is the next installment to our cookware reviews.
While some people think that buying individual cookware pieces for the kitchen is more ideal, there are kitchen enthusiasts that would beg to disagree with you.
The next set on our cookware reviews is the Berndes Tradition 10-Piece Set, so if you still haven't made your mind up yet over which one to choose, that's alright. Now let's check out another cookware which is the Cuisinart  77-10 Chef's Classic Stainless Steel 10-Piece Set. Now it's time to check out the All-Clad 5000-9 Stainless 9-Piece Cookware Set, as part of our cookware reviews. We recommend using low heat setting for most of your cooking with oils and medium low for cooking with water. While All Clad recommends using a copper cleaner, all you really need are a lemon and coarse salt.
When you are contemplating spending such a large sum of money on your next set of cookware, you need to make sure you get it right. It’s also quite an investment (particularly this set), so when choosing which type to buy, you need to make sure you make the right choice first time and consider both practicality and looks. This is caused in part by the copper center core which you can actually see on the edges of the pans.

This consists of a copper center core, bonded to aluminum on each side, which is bonded to stainless steel exterior and interior layers. Pure stainless steel, however, doesn’t conduct heat nearly as well as copper and aluminum. Although you will get these benefits from pans using a less expensive 3-ply stainless steel and aluminum construction, the copper core gives these pans a heavier, more solid feel and does give even better cooking performance. Add to that free shipping and an excellent returns policy, and we really do think they’re the best deal all round. Serveral phone calls, changes of mind in exactly which pots and pans yet nothing was a problem. I received the goods within 24 hours of ordering and was given a 1 hour time slot at no additional cost. I've not used it yet but I am used to cooking with copper pans and this seems well made, nice and thick with a balanced feel. These products have inspired me to be creative in the kitchen, something that I am enjoying a lot. From the day I placed the order to the date of delivery I was kept informed and a bonus down loadable recipe book!
I decided to write another post altogether for my Chilean souvenirs, as there are so many to include. It’s inexpensive in Chile so pick up some lapis lazuli jewelry at the Lapis Lazuli House in Santiago, where I bought this pendant.
Greda is a Chilean clay that works well for cooking, and like cast-iron retains flavor over time. The best place to buy it is Pomaire, a tiny town about an hour and a half from the center of Santiago. His symbol is the fish emblem on this box because he loved the sea more than anything else. His house in Isla Negra has a room exclusively designated for antique mermaid figureheads. The copper pans sound like a great souvenir too, although I need to hear your packing secrets if you got that into a backpack! I was always down in Chile for a couple weeks at at time to visit my then-boyfriend, so I would just pack things in my suitcase and fly home.
Just when we thought that it's more practical to buy them per piece, here are cookware reviews that would prove it otherwise.
This we got to find out if it really is worth the investment, and if it is going to last long. This is a great set to display in your pot rack and people who buy it often allow the copper finish to age into the rosy patina of copper pots and pans of times past. But given the stick resistant interior, a short soak will loosen any stuck food and washing it in soap and warm water with a terrycloth is really easy. Sprinkle the cut side of a lemon half with the salt, then rub it over the copper, which will soon gleam.
Having a core made from either (or both) of these metals results in even heat distribution and maximum responsiveness to temperature changes. Sure, once you’ve bought the set and you see the quality and experience the way it cooks, you’ll want to add more pieces! A lot of cooks agree that if you can afford the extra cost, it’s worth buying copper core. All stainless steel cookware takes a little more care than non-stick, so have a look at our guide Stainless Steel Cookware Care. I thank you SO much and hope to read more from you – I am a geologist and love travelling, so please send me reprints of your articles I might be interested to! After college I moved to Paris to work as an au pair and then backpacked Europe, India and Asia for a year, largely solo. It’s also worth watching the video How To Stop Stainless Steel Sticking which shows you the proper way to cook with stainless steel. While I don’t know much about wine, I do know this- bring home some good Chilean wines like Casillero del Diabo or Concha y Toro and your friends will be happy.
Now I live, ski and work in Colorado, but I'm always scheming my next international adventure.

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