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Update your current cookware collection with a top picking from this collection of pots, pans and accessories.
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Symphonia Cupra cookware combines artisanal detailing with the latest metal cladding technologies to ensure state-of-the-art performance.
Each piece is constructed with 2.3mm thick solid copper with a thin aluminium core and a layer of stainless steel inside. The copper allows heat to spread uniformly across the bottom and up the sides of the pan as professional chefs require, while the internal layer of stainless steel makes it dazzling, solid, practical, hygienic and easy to clean. One of the best things I’ve ever had the chance to use is the Copper TriPly range from ProWare.
The pans have an aluminium core, also known for superior heat conduction and a brushed stainless steel interior for easy cooking and cleaning.
I have to confess that when I received these lovely pots and pans in 2013 (pictured above brand new out of the boxes) I let them sit in the corner of my kitchen for a few days, like Smaug’s treasure, not wanting to use them because they were so beautiful. This hesitation didn’t last long, and I have, for the last three years, used the ProWare 24 cm saute pan nearly every single day without any visible depreciation in quality. This pots and pans set has become my every day set, and there’s no way I could go back to using something of inferior quality.

I should, perhaps, give them a nice scrub and clean with some Brasso or some salt and white vinegar to bring them back to their nice shiny original selves – but I like the rustic look.
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Defined by its well thought out stainless steel and copper designs, and its sleek finishes this offering from the Charterhouse range is ideal for both cooking novices and enthusiasts alike.
I’d never owned such a fine quality set of cookware before and I was hesitant to use them.
If anything, it, along with the rest of the set I have, just get more gorgeous looking with each use.
I can honestly, hand on heart, highly recommend these pans – they’re the best pans I have ever owned!
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I always fry the mushrooms i butter before putting in the rest of the ingredients for extra flavour. First, the outer layer is copper, a metal used for centuries for its ability to conduct heat evenly. You can even eat straight out of the pan, as in the case of the tomatoes, chorizo and eggs recipe pictured above from Joe Wicks’ Lean in 15 cookery book!
To find out more about the saute pan and the entire copper triply range, visit the ProWare website.
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Things I never would never have had the opportunity to try if I hadn’t been blogging.
You can either leave it shining or allow it to naturally tarnish, creating unique, individual works of art out of each pan.

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