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Microwave oven with grill function, mini oven, coffee maker, sandwich toaster, deep fat fryer, hand blender, fruit juicer, food processor, electric knife, toaster, steam iron, etc.
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Detox season is well and truly upon us, with sales of juice makers rocketing 275 per cent in the past week alone.A The trendiest of all is the A?100 Nutribullet, which was one of John Lewisa€™s top-sellers at Christmas a€” the Duchess of Cambridge is reportedly a huge fan. The Philips Viva HR1855 is not too noisy and extremely efficientA This squat-looking juice maker is pleasing to use the minute you unwrap it a€” therea€™s hardly any assembly to do, and it has squidgy rubber feet which keep it really stable on your worktop.You just have to drop your fruit and veg into the chute, which was wide enough so I didna€™t have to chop anything. DESIGNER LOOKSDualit Dual-Max TM Juicer, A?99.99, John LewisFrom the makers of the iconic toaster, this is pretty large but it looks great. From the makers of the iconic toaster, the Dualit Dual-Max Juicer is quite largeThe dual-speed motor seemed to find the ripe (peeled) pineapple chunks I added quite tricky to manage a€” it slowed right down and made a funny noise and I wondered if it was going to conk out. Novis Vita Juicer is an extremely smart machine with a wide funnel which means no choppingIt comes with a citrus press which means that unlike nearly every other juicer, you dona€™t have to peel oranges or grapefruit (you just slice them in half instead) and its wide funnel means no chopping.It boasts three patents on its design, and claims to retain 20 per cent more nutrients than conventional juicers.
Gwyneth Paltrow recommended a gold-plated one of these for A?3,100 as a great gift for ChristmasUsing this machine does take a little longer, around three to five minutes, or more if youa€™re using green veg, and you have to chop up everything first, so ita€™s not for anyone in a hurry.

The Retro Cold Press JuicerA looks fabulous, and it claims to produce juice with more nutrients intactTherea€™s a large chute, so no need to chop fruit or veg, and it chugged (quietly) with ease through the apples and ginger I tried, crushing every last drop and churning out pulp that was almost bone dry. Juice makers below the A?50 mark are few and far between, so this Cookworks iuicer at A?24.99 is a stealThe funnela€™s a little narrow so you have to pull an orange into three pieces and push them down individually, or chop an apple into several pieces, but apart from that, it was absolutely brilliant. Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Nutri Juicer Pro is massive and sounds like a plane taking offI threw in three medium whole apples, a whole (peeled) orange, a (peeled) chunk of fresh ginger and a (whole, unpeeled) carrot, and within about 15 seconds had a jug full of the most delicious fresh-tasting juice. The Vitamix juicer is not too noisy, despite the ice cubes, and its strength was impressiveI threw in big ice cubes, pineapple, handfuls of spinach, blueberries, oranges, and a piece of ginger and within about 20 seconds was left with a vast jug of seriously good, silkily smooth juice.Not too noisy, despite the ice cubes, and its strength was impressive.Easy to clean? We want rail companies to make it easier for passengers to get their money back for train delays.
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But ita€™s far from the only juice maker on offer.A HARRIET ARKELL tested some of the best. It has a strong extractor blade which completely breaks down the fruit and veg, so no need for chopping anything, and ita€™s extremely efficient.
Not too noisy and extremely efficient a€” I had a vast jug of bright orange, zingy juice in seconds.Easy to clean?
But the chute you drop the fruit into was quite small compared to others I tried a€” I had to pull the oranges apart to fit them in, which was annoying, and chop the medium-sized apples into four pieces. The only downside (apart from the price) is that ita€™s pretty heavy to lift.Easy to clean? Model changes could have occurred which may mean you receive a similar or same specification item. It comes with a variety of lids and cups you can use if you want to take your drink out with you.Easy to clean? Ita€™s massive, looks very serious rather than glamorous like the Nutribullet, and sounds like a plane taking off. Well I did have to wash up seven parts afterwards (though they could have gone in the dishwasher). Consisting mainly of a cylinder, it comes in eight colours and takes up barely more space on your worktop than a kettle. Dubbed the Rolls-Royce of juicers, ita€™s one of a new generation of twin gear, horizontal machines that masticate the fruit and veg slowly, producing absolutely delicious juice that is apparently far higher in nutrients. Looking at the manual, it only has a 400W motor (most of those I tested were around the 800-900W mark), so I expected inferior results but not at all a€” it was great! Simple to operate, you can put in your chosen ingredients and leave the machine to it a€” ita€™ll switch itself off when done.

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