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2.5kg bag of Valrhona couverture chocolate which, surprise, surprise, I have not yet finished.
By the way, am also a photographer, so your blog and your perspectives appeal to my own inner cook.Am off to Rome and Paris in a few weeks and look forward to continuing to scour your site for related culinary info. Pero incluso Dehillerin no tiene todo.  Afortunadamente, tres tiendas de la competencia estan a menos de 5 minutos - si sabes donde buscar.
Prices are quite reasonable in this shop geared towards professional kitchens and I couldn't resist the Sugar-coated Verveine petals.
If you have a chance visit also Rungis, buy a macaroon at Pierre Herme or take a pastry class at Lenotre (see the other articles on my site). But homemade products are best served on the same day and you won't need any stabilizer.#7Comment by suzy dickinsonI was lucky enough to stumble across De Hillerin in the late 70's. After a number of visits carting back copper pots,wooden rollng pins, knives, I managed to get my kitchen up to par. Los precios son muy razonables en esta tienda para cocinas profesionales y no pude resistir los Petalos de verveine cubiertos de azucar. Finalmente, dos quimicos que rara vez se comentan en tiendas de reposteria pero que nunca faltan en los libros de cocina sobre nieves y reposteria son el cremor tartaro y el estabilizador para nieve cream of tartar and sorbet stabilizer. I suppose Americans might feel as if they deserve a lot of respect given their Imperial position but while the people in there in my experience don't behave any differently towards foreigners compared to locals they might seem a bit terse to people who are accustomed to obeisance and humility. They take their stuff very seriously and will make it clear that you're making a mistake if that's their opinion. And their stock pays no lip service to fashion, but concentrates on things that are useful and well made.

For all my fondness for this shop I must say that many of their wares are a bit old-fashioned and not really the best you can have nowadays.
Don't miss Pierre Herme's pastry shop out there on Rue Bonaparte.#22Comment by Anders RingnerThe Detout shop is just lovely. We once got lost on our way to the Comme des Garcons-shop in Paris and found Detout instead. We spent a month in Paris early in the year & I was sooo excited to go to Dehillerin, but what a disappointment!
Yes I did manage to spend a fortune & get some great stuff, but even though I speak French I was still ignored, they were SO unfriendly & unhelpful. When I asked for specific items they just pointed to the opposite end of the store for me to find it myself, & continued standing around in a group doing nothing! There were so many staff who didnt seem to be doing anything, certainly not helping their customers. There was a lovely Vietnamese chap though who couldnt have been nicer, but he was run off his feet, of course.
They also didnt have as much as I expected & were out of stock of most of the Demarle products I was after. I will definitely check out your other suggestions next trip.FX's answer→ Yes Mr Kim is the nicest of them all, isn't he? Now you should have started by reading my article "Paris Oldest Cooking Equipment Shop" and you would have been forewarned. I live in Cape Town, South Africa and would like to purchase some sugared violet petals to use on cupcakes with violet flavoured icing in our coffee shop, "la Petite Tarte".

While I can see the appeal of the notion of baking good cannelés using convenient plastic mold, there is not reality to it. How would that save you money?#30Comment by green apple sorbetI went to Paris yesterday specifically to buy a flan ring, and this post was a great help, thank you so much!
Will be going to Paris for my first time in May and can't wait to check out the kitchen shops. Yes, chefs still make them; but obviously they don't break them so we don't need to stock them.
I'm looking for the cuit vapeur en ceramique et bambou by JIA which I saw in Merci, but was hoping not to pay Merci prices. I don't think any of the above will have it, but I think I read there was a shop in Rue Lamartine, but can't find the link now. Mora, on the other hand, is merchandised in a more modern way but last month they could not be bothered to get off personal phone calls to see if the verrines I had ordered were in.
Detou a tiny gorgeous pearl of a shop it was so crammed with Parisians when I went that I didn't get a proper chance to look round.

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