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Here’s my guide based on where we ate, there is fine dining, breakfast and brunch and eating on the hop. A busy little cafe serving sweet and savoury crepes with lots of different fillings and lovely staff. Mr went for a goat’s cheese and vegetable galette and a chocolate crepe to finish off. Fine dining with vegetarian options in the heart of Paris – it’s not impossible!
For main I had half smoked duck breast with spring vegetables and nuts on top, which really worked with the fresh vegetables and soft duck. We loved our meal at Maceo, it was inventive and there was lots of choice for vegetarians, more like this in Paris please!
I have to thank Miss Igs for this one, I spotted it on her Instagram feed during her trip a few weeks beforehand and immediately added it to our list. They serve an all day breakfast type affair where you can choice 2 items to go along two eggs done to your liking and fresh bread. Everything is great quality, cooked well and the staff are really lovely – they are Canadian too so they speak English which is handy! Tucked away in the the Jewish quarter of Le Marais is the busy and crazy L’as du Falafel, lots of guides including David Lebovitz, said it was the best falafel in Paris and if a vegetarian can’t get their hands on a veggie meal at a falafel place, where can they? A pretty bakery in Le Marais packed with goodies – we bought our morning croissants here and I was pleased to report the chocolat in pain au chocolat runs from beginning to end, something which never happens this side of the channel. There are about half a dozen large and small shops in this area specialising in cookware for chefs, and the general public. About MeHi, I'm Deepa and this is my blog about cooking, baking, Indian food and other things I like (eating).
La Bovida is a French chain of cookware shops catering to culinary professionals, although open to the public.
In 1956, legendary Williams-Sonoma founder Chuck Williams opened his first cookware shop in the Northern California wine country town of Sonoma, where he brought classic French kitchen equipment he’d discovered on his travels—cookware that many Americans had never seen before. Today we are thrilled to introduce our European Cookware Shop, a curated assortment of the finest cookware from regions known for their world-class cuisine – a collection born from Chuck’s original Sonoma store.
Crafted from tradition, this complete Williams-Sonoma collection is inspired by European classics and the newest cookware technologies.

From France comes vibrant and durable enamel-coated cast iron pans from Staub, handcrafted copper saucepans from Mauviel 1830, flameproof French porcelain cocottes from Revol, and beautifully-hued enameled cast iron and innovative stainless steel pieces from Le Creuset. From Germany comes rigorously tested cast-aluminum cookware from Berndes, the first company to engineer nonstick surfaces in their frying pans. From Italy comes the stunningly-designed, hand-hammered copper pots and pans from Ruffoni—certain to make a statement in your kitchen. From Denmark comes the pioneering, eco-friendly cookware of Scanpan, whose high-performing pans contain 100% recycled aluminum. And from Belgium comes the signature stainless steel cookware of Demeyere—practical, durable, and beautiful. I still love my All-Clad but I have a Scanpan that has become an indispensable part of our kitchen, as well as a Demeyrere egg poaching pan that I love. We’ve visited once before and it was lovely to see the city again, we revisited some of our favourite places to eat and tracked down some new places.
Being a little early in the day we washed down our crepes with apricot juice and coffee instead of the usual Breton cider. On my birthday I wanted to celebrate in style somewhere with white tablecloths and great food.
Mr had spiced tofu steak, which was silky soft inside and crispy and spicy on the inside – it was tofu which is typically something vegetarians get given but not as we knew it!
Mr had a hashbrown and homemade baked beans to go with his, whilst I opted for bacon and beans alongside two perfectly poached eggs and bread from Du Pain Des Idees. We made ourselves quite comfortable there and once our breakfasts had gone we decided we couldn’t skip on cake, freshly made lemon and poppyseed buttermilk cakes were just lovely. So many different kinds of chocolate and cocoa, huge bags of chocolate chips, nuts, pink praline, sugars, syrups, honey, all of it.
I’m not going to tell you how much we spent on 2 eclairs because I am embarassed, they were nearly worth it and certainly memorable. We went on the last day and our suitcases were already packed, but we spent a long while wandering around these homages to cooking staring at beautiful mixers, cake pans, copper saucepans and marvelling at weird and wonderful gadgets. This collection began with brands like Le Creuset and Mauviel 1830, both of which are now revered by home cooks and professional chefs alike. From my research it seemed like Paris was becoming easier for vegetarians, the hipsters have certainly landed (I think they are called bobos in Paris) and this means their cafes and restaurants nearly always have a vegetarian option, and it’s not your usual salade au chevre either.

After a bit of Googling I found British owned Maceo restaurant which had great reviews and a very interesting menu. Pudding was mango canneloni for me stuffed with vanilla ice cream and a tuile, but Mr won on the pudding front here. After having a fair amount of wine with our dinner at Maceo the night before we headed over to the 10th arrondissement for some coffee to shake the hangover. Each wrap is packed with piping hot falafels and lots of crunchy salad, coriander chutney and chilli chutney are provided on each table for you to spice according to your tastes. Plus savoury too – flavoured mustard (we bought tarragon), olive oil, pasta, tinned sardines, truffles.
One was vanilla cream with caramelised pecans and the other chocolate with hazlenut mousse. I was highly tempted to buy a comedically large whisk but I thought I might get funny looks on the Eurostar. Mr was very happy for the few days we spent in the city as he ate well instead of being drowned in cheese based dishes.
It is centered around vegetarian food but there is also plenty to keep the meat eaters happy.
His was carrot cake which had been given the French toast (pain perdu!) treatment by being fried til crispy on the outside and soft inside, it was served with some lovely soy milk ice cream.
Each is served with your sauce of choice (tomato or yoghurt with herbs) and you pick a side – I had some very creamy polenta and Mr had a gorgeous lentil salad with feta, pomegranates and walnuts.
You can also order a platter or various meat kebabs, but most people come here for their huge falafel wraps.
We started with some gorgeous housemade cheese biscuits and kir royale before moving on to a pre-starter of fresh asparagus soup. Starts for both of us was butternut squash soup with truffle oil – so rich with a generous amount of truffle oil.

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