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This environmentally-friendly cookware set from GreenPan is made from 60% recycled material and no toxic substances are released into the food at high temperatures. Please include your e-mail address below if you would like us to respond to your comments or questions.
If you asked a professional chef (or a serious foodie) what cookware they have in their kitchen, they would probably say All-Clad.
Four product lines seems like a lot to think about before you even get cooking, but there’s good news.
Feeling confident that any piece of All-Clad cookware you buy will be high quality, it really comes down to the look and the price, both of which are personal. MC2 cookware is a contemporary makeover of All-Clad’s original Master Chef collection, created for the chef community.

You probably wouldn’t stock your kitchen with all hard anodized cookware, but they are a great companions to stainless basics. It features a non-stick Thermolon finish for the quick release of food and is totally PTFE and PFOA-free, allowing for healthier cooking for you and your family. And if you don’t want to hand wash your pots and pans, you need not look any further; the stainless line is the only one recommended for the dishwasher.
Inside, everything is (basically) the same: all pieces have the patented aluminum core that covers the bottom of the pan and extends up the sides. So here’s a down and dirty description of each, keeping in mind that price-wise, there isn’t too much of a swing between the different lines until you get to the copper collection. Stainless interior and a matte, brushed aluminum exterior, providing superior cooking results at an extraordinary value.

Click here to read one of our past posts comparing Cuisinart, Swiss Diamond and Lodge, too. It’s like buying a Rolex watch: you may not know exactly why it’s better, but you have the expectation that it will be. The Copper Core line has more bells and whistles, but it’s also the most expensive, so a copper repertoire may not be in everyone’s budget. For those in the know, All-Clad represents exemplary cooking performance, which means your culinary creations are never sacrificed due to a malfunction in the pan.

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