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Anyway, I decided to share my finds with you guys, so instead of doing a normal product review for you this week, I thought I’d compare the baking ranges of the two supermarkets and share with you the exciting new products that I found! Sainsburys has a good vanilla section with extract, vanilla bean pasta (!!!) and vanilla beans. So thats what I got in Sainsburys, I then trotted over to the big Tesco store to compare their baking range.
Sprinkle and food colouring range – not as big as sainsburys but carrying more or less the same products. Before I left I also snapped this picture of some new festive cadbury flake cakes and yule logs.
So I decided to venture into retail chaos but thankfully it wasn’t too crazy crowded since I went on a weekday.
I picked up another Silpat.   I have one Silpat, and I have one FlexiPat, but prefer the results I get with my Silpat so picked up one more.
I could really tell the difference in my recent Dark Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Cookies Stuffed with Chocolate Covered Strawberries that were baked on the Silpat vs.
My favorite spatula snapped in half a few weeks ago, and I grabbed the clear one with snowflakes as a replacement.
I thought for $8.49 less a 20% off coupon that I should change that major lapse in life experience and can now be christened into the cake-decorating club. For my other fave kitchen appliances and gadgets (the ones I love and the ones I find over-rated), check this post.

My MIL is getting us a food processor for the holidays…we used to have one (it was our first appliance that we bought together!) but it died.
I always think I want a stand mixer but the reality is I’ve never ever come across a recipe that I really needed it for.
You can use your new piping tips for getting a thicker donut batter into those little mini pans! Unless I’m looking for a specific item and I confirm that they have it with a phone call, I hate going to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. The owner of Charleston Cooks, Dick Elliott, has made the decision to retire from business and we are closing our store on Sunday, May 29 at 6pm. Customers holding Charleston Cooks gift certificates should redeem them for merchandise in Greenville by Sunday, May 29. Imagine a day spent at a bustling Arabian market where the foods and spices burst with color and the aromas leave you longing for a taste.
One of the most interesting food countries in Southeast Asia, Vietnam, has been strongly influenced by French techniques blended with Asian ingredients. The range is so much bigger than the last time I noticed, with lots of new products by Silver Spoon and Dr Oetker. I’ve never seen it in any other supermarket so was excited to find it in Sainsburys for ?1.42! About a month ago I was in Asda, and they too have recently hugely expanded their range too.

I got spoiled with new toys for baking and cooking with :D It’s not even Christmas yet!! By far, it was one of my best kitchen purchases this year and mine was less than $15 from Crate & Barrel. I had to make about 6 dozen caramel stuffed apple cider cookies for 3 Halloween parties in a row, and it took me all morning just to get them all baked!
In an effort to serve our customers at the high standard they are accustomed to, we have canceled and refunded deposits for private events beyond April as staffing could become limited. Have the chance to talk about easy substitutes that will make your gluten free home cooking easy and delicious. I have a large one, but sometimes it’d be nice to not have to pull that one out for smaller projects. I love being able to take the silpat off and literally not even have to clean the baking sheet, just right back into the cabinet it goes! I hardly ever venture into BB&B but I’ve got about 15 20% off coupons in my car for when I do!
I have been looking into how to make this and trying to figure out where to buy it for quite a while.

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