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Special note to those who are trying to watch what they eat: celery root is an excellent substitute for potatoes. The most popular pot pie you hear of is the Chicken Pot Pie, which is a favorite around our house too. After making a big pot of Venison Vegetable Soup, I thought how easy it would be to scoop about 2 cups of it out, add some cornstarch to make a creamy thickening and then pour into a crust for Venison Pot Pie.
Ia€™m so exciteda€”I finally got a full subscription to Rouxbe Online Cooking School, and Ia€™m starting to work my way through all the lessons and the practices. I decided that as I work my way through the lessons, Ia€™ll make at least one venison dish for the practice and post it.

Top with your favorite ingredients or stuff & fold in half for Calzone!  Bon Appetito!
Try some of these combinations when you don't know what to make.  Our list is always growing, with our newest creations at the top of the list and some photos below! In just a few lessons, Ia€™ve already learned so much thata€™s going make me a better cook. Ia€™ve always been lazy about the browning and deglazing steps, thinking they werena€™t all that important (wrong). Add the wine and top up with stocka€”the liquid should rise at least two-thirds of the way up the meat.

And I never knew what a suc was (the little caramelized things on the bottom of the pan), let alone that theya€™re important for flavor and if you burn them, your whole dish will taste bitter.
The processing is expensive, and in our area you may not get back what you gave the butcher. We once got four shoulders back…that was the last time Rick has someone else do his processing!

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