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While eating and drinking for pleasure, chocolate must surely top the list as a comfort food.
I mean, I can make peanut butter sandwiches and pasta, obviously, because that’s all students eat. People profess to enjoy the actual process of cooking rather than just the eating part, but I can’t understand that. Not that cooking is pointless, not that I don’t enjoy a delicious meal in a restaurant, not that I don’t love the smell when someone makes roast potatoes – just that for me, it’s a waste of time. But yesterday, after yet another occasion when my housemates invited me to feast on the leftovers of their dinner, one of them suggested I make dinner tonight.
So with a simpler recipe in hand, off I trotted to the supermarket and as I bundled ingredients like spinach, butternut squash, mozzarella, white wine and red onion into my trolley, I smiled to myself as I saw people in the queue checking out my purchases.
But later tonight, at home, as my friends tried their best to concentrate on the football and not to stir the onions and turn down the heat and pass comment on the way I chopped garlic, I cooked!
It would be interesting to find the proportion of students who actually wash and prepare something as simple as a plain salad.
Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! Chocolate can be used for cooking as well as baking, although not all types of chocolate are ideal for use in your kitchen.

If you are interested in contributing content to the Cooking page please go back to Main Page and click the Contact Me button. I can even put chips in the oven and not burn them, and on really adventurous nights I can chuck a jar of Patak’s curry sauce into a pan with chicken I’ve even diced myself. They have learnt to stop commenting on my carb addiction but there is always the little smirk when I pull out the Skippy for the third time that day or come back from Sainsbury with another bag of gnocci (look, it takes a minute to boil – I’d be a fool not to buy it). Obviously I’d rather be eating a fresh risotto than more bloody peanut butter sandwiches but the end result is the same. I’m about to graduate from university with (hopefully, please God, please please please) not too abysmal a degree classification and I am able to do manual tasks like drive and play the guitar (not at the same time, obviously) without too much difficulty.
I’d rather spend two minutes ‘cooking’ a mediocre meal than spend two hours cooking a splendid meal that will end up, just like mine will, in the bottom of a toilet bowl (sorry). And I know I’ve lost valuable wife points for any potential beau reading this, but I can’t lie about how much I love slaving away over something for hours only for it to be slobbered over and destroyed with cutlery in a matter of seconds. To my disbelief, people actually ate my meal without the fear of being stricken with salmonella. Some of the most scrumptious desserts on this planet are made out of chocolate, but cooking using chocolate can be probably the most demanding as well. While they rustle up fresh mushroom soup and perfectly roasted chicken night after night, I hungrily watch while munching on my inevitable sandwich or cereal or curly fries.

I’ll be full and I’ll want to lie on my bed nursing my stomach all night while watching YouTube clips of sneezing pandas.
If I’m going to spend two hours investing my blood, sweat and tears into something, I’d rather do it into something that will live a bit longer – like write some angsty poem that I can look back and laugh on in a few years when I’m no longer a moody adolescent, or watch a film that I can annoy everyone I meet by quoting endlessly, or read a book that I can annoy everyone I meet by quoting endlessly. If I could pass Maths GCSE or successfully navigate the Serbian train system or con strangers into thinking I have an Australian accent, then I could cook one meal without setting the house on fire or prompting someone to ask if I marinated the potatoes in charcoal (yes, someone really asked me that once).
And the sheer effort you have to make – stirring and chopping and frying and all that jazz – is just wasted the minute the food goes into your mouth.
I suppose it says a lot about our propensity to invest time eating healthily rather than just filling the empty hole in our stomachs.
Sure, the taste is good – but in a matter of biological processes (chewing, digesting, converting into enzymes – I think? I knew I should have paid more attention in Science) it’s just food, sitting in your stomach next to the jacket potato you bought for two quid in the cafeteria at lunch.

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