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We chose to make our griddles with a special design that will react once you’ve exceeded the optimal grilling temperature, or 375 degrees. This campfire grill already comes standard with grill, and griddle – and new for 2014, open-pit roasting capabilities! With some slight enhancements to the Dutchman Campfire Grill in spring 2014, the addition of our new bbq roasting skewers allow you to turn your Dutchman Grill into an open pit bbq.
We’ve put together this quick video to show you how to assemble the Dutchman campfire grill.
When it comes to camping and outdoor cooking, it can seem like there’s only a few options for the sweet-tooth in all of us.
If you have been thinking about buying a Chicago Brick Oven and would like to join us for one of our upcoming demonstrations to see just how versatile they really are, please click on this link to register. Scout Troops of all varieties are coming to Superior to fulfill their merit badge requirements. The Cooking merit badge introduces principles of cooking that can be used both at home or in the outdoors. Kirby offers variety of Outdoor Gills, Grill Accessories, Outdoor Steamers, Outdoor Sinks, Outdoor Portable Heaters, and more from Crown Verity.

From light and elegant to decadently delicious, let’s explore the world of Mediterranean cooking. In celebration of America’s independence day, all Dutchman Campfire Grills are on sale now through this Sunday July 7th. We offer a fun and interactive “Cooking Merit Badge” Workshops which covers all the bases of most cooking merit badge obligations.
Scouts who earn this badge will learn about food safety, nutritional guidelines, meal planning, and methods of food preparation, and will review the variety of culinary (or cooking) careers available. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Patio Heaters are designed to extend the use of your patio, deck or dining area, and provide a clean circle of warmth. The Dutchman campfire grill is the first modular camping grill that’s also compact, portable, adjustable, and customizable. The chart to the right will help you identify what temperature your griddle needs to be at to properly cook your favorite foods.

It contains two large cooking surfaces (nearly 4 square feet) and includes a barbecue grill grate and stainless steel griddle so that you can prepare meals just like a professional kitchen – even when you’re roughing it!
Choose from their extensive range of stainless steel accessories to customize your grill and optimize your cooking.
Take note that eggs and potatoes are the only exceptions that call for a temperature below 325 degrees. Pack lighter by leaving the skillets and propane tanks behind without sacrificing or limiting your outdoor cooking options. So follow this griddle temperature guide and your grilling skills will immediately go to impressive new heights.

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