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This minimalistic paper store stocks handmade journals and papers in a large spectrum of colors. Isn't it sad that with computers and emails, beautiful papers and all their accoutrements are quickly becoming a thing of the past? Several of my friends are planning trips to Paris and have asked me for a list of my favorite spots. This is the cooking supply store that Julia Child frequented and was mentioned in the movie, Julie and Julia. You may remember when I showed you LaDroguerie in this post (or tried too since they don't allow photographs in the store.
They seem to sell mostly to the trade so take a business card or resale number for a 30% discount.

This is a wonderful coffee place that brews the finest carefully selected coffees from around the world and offers coffee beans for sale in its boutique.
Here you will find the most delicate hand made French white glazed, black terra cotta pottery based on 18th &19th century French and Italian designs.
This mercerie or sewing store has been in the business of selling buttons, silks, hats and fabric since 1890.
Visitors and locals alike find them an easy way to find their way around so I am listing my favorite spots by arrondissements here. Melodies Graphiques is a great place to find authenic French gifts for friends back home. It's always a good idea to ask first or do what I do and just snap a few photos really fast and act dumb when you get caught).

I have accumulated a huge stack of books, maps, business cards and brochures over the years and since we too are planning a trip early this summer I thought I would sort through it all and list some of my favorite spots here for easy reference for us all. They specialize in all things pork like pigs feet and tails, but we just stick to the soup.
So put on your most comfortable walking shoes, grab a map, buy a Metro ticket and let's go shopping!

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