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Morrison Supply Company, the Host Dealer for both the Athens Eggfest and now the Jefferson Eggfest, is in the plumbing supply business. Mr Chicken does the water from the handle on the left feel warmer than the handle on the right?
For those that have been fortunate enough to visit Greece and enjoy some of the world’s freshest seafood, you would have been offered calamari either fried or in this case, grilled.
I didn’t always eat calamari (squid) but the deep-fried variety is what converted me. I tasted the Primus Zitsa 2008 white which is made from another indigenous Greek varietal, called the Debina grape. Cut off the part of the tentacles section from the eyes and part that was attached to the main body. Snip the small end of the squid tube, peel and rub the purple skin of the body and now run under cold water to remove any remaining residue inside the tube. Now, if you want your squid to have that accordion-like look with the rings still all miraculously attached to the same squid body, take the handle end of a wooden spoon or spatula and slide it inside the tube. Place the tentacles on wooden skewers (little chance of losing this part of the squid through the grill). Place your calamari tubes and skewered tentacles on the hot grill and cook for a couple of minutes a side. I am so used to making only stuffed squid or fried squid but this is a brilliant alternative, especially with summer coming up.
I don’t actually like the deep fried calamari, just because you can’t really taste the squid, which I love!

It’s funny how you said that you started eating calamari after eating the fried variety.
Come visit Big Green Egg headquarters, see our new showroom and check out the History of the EGG Museum and Culinary Center!
However, grilled squid (or calamari) is what cemented my love for this cheap, easy and delicious seafood dish.
This past week at the all-day tasting of Greek wines, I had the pleasure of enjoying some wines from all over Greece.
This light, fruity wine would go very well with grilled calamari and there’s just enough acidity to hold up to the lemon juice. The wooden handle inside the squid tube prevented that part of the squid from being sliced – this keeping your calamari in tact. Drizzle your squid with some olive oil, add the minced garlic and sprinkle some sea salt and black pepper. Ensure your grill surface has been brushed to remove any residue and wipe the grill with some kitchen towel that’s been dipped in vegetable oil. I love grilled calamari too … and your slicing technique (with the wooden spoon) s great.
I adore its mild seawater aroma and its clean texture (when done right, of course!) I like my squid grilled or stewed and this looks perfect! Just last week our local supermarket (VONS for those of you in SoCal) just started carrying a line of frozen calamari. There’s nothing better than spending time outdoors with the sweet aroma of fresh cooked Ribs.

Just buy from a fish monger that has a good trade and of course, a high turnover to ensure the freshest supply. One of the whites that I sampled comes from the Glinavos Winery, located in Zitsa, Epirus (north-western Greece).
Sprinkle the calamari with sea salt and some more Greek oregano and garnish with a lemon wedge. All recipes, text and photographs in this post are the original creations & property of the author.
Baseball season is also underway, so it's the perfect time to try out some chicken wing variations! We have Jamaican Jerk, Lemon Pepper, Fired-Up Wings and even a Whiskey Onion and Chicken Steak if wings aren't your thing. I didn't see any posts about it.Yours might only have cold and cold running water, but I kinda dig it.
The top is large enough to spread out the items you want to wash, and the sink has both wash and rinse sections. It's on wheels large enough to handle the usual Eggfest terrain with ease and for loading and unloading into a transport trailer. There's plenty of room under the sink to store drain hose and extension cords, and a lot more.

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