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Android Cooking Game Kit is a starter kit and COMPLETE source code for anyone wanting to create and publish their own cooking game. If you don’t like reading through documentation and prefer watching a video, I have created a set of instructional videos on how to set up and install bloc switcher source code + a video on setting up monetization. If the video looks too small to see on YouTube just make it full screen and you should be able to view it better. NOTE: Make sure if you are getting the project from the link above BE SURE to copy the GLES2-Anchor Center branch. You will also need a copy of the Texture packer extension found here which is found inside the zip file with the source code. I advise watching the videos in the top of this document that I made specifically for this project if you are confused about the instructions.
Start app full screen ads are shown when the user navigates back to the main menu from gameplay, when a user fails a level, and it’s shows a full screen ad for ever second level the users passes.
To use start app, all you need to do is replace the following code in the manifest with your IDs given from start-app. Last week we shared with you the Before & After photos from this Colona, IL home damaged by fire and smoke.

These cabinets hug every corner and even access spaces that may have otherwise been wasted areas. Immediately behind this angled cabinet is another great standard SKU that can add a lot of interest to a space. The end of the cooktop wall of cabinets has not been clipped to allow for a full depth of preparation space on both sides of the KitchenAid Induction unit. In addition to the pull-out trash, a KitchenAid trash compactor is located near the kitchen sink. The section of island cabinetry that faces the great room has an easily accessed under-counter beverage cooler. We mentioned in our previous post about how kind and amazing these homeowners were throughout a very stressful period and circumstances. An arcade style game where the user has to make burritos and other items to satisfy customers, while unlocking cool new ingredients. Users will have to cook chicken, steak, and prepare other ingredients which really brings the game to life. This birds-eye view color rendering shows the overall space better than we could capture in one photo.

While the shelves may not hold a small appliance, am outside corner cabinet can be a great way to turn a corner. Angles are also integrated into the ends of the exposed walls of cabinetry.
Keeping the main refrigerator space clear of cans and bottles this glass-front cooler can easily found by guests and homeowners.
This rendering is an example of what you can see during the design phase here at Village Home Stores. If you revisit the rendering above you will see that entire pantry wall has angled end cabinets that clip the edges and allow for interest and an easier access into the room. Below the cooktop is a large double drawer base which makes for quick and easy access to pots and pans without having to open doors to access a slide-out shelf. If you have any questions about what you see here or our entire process please don’t hesitate to call 866-995- 3411 or click to ask.

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