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Whether you grow your own or like to stock up at the farmers market, fall is all about preserving (and enjoying) nature's bounty: apples in a freshly baked pie or potatoes and carrots in a blissfully warm stew.
What's in store: To keep your apples crisp all season long, you'll need a light-proof root cellar and this one certainly fits the bill. What's in store: This picturesque farm has plenty of space for starting your own garden, a basement root cellar to store your homegrown harvest, and a wood stove to keep things cozy while you do your holiday baking.
What's in store: Positioned squarely off the porch of a historic Craftsman, this root cellar is the perfect spot to keep your beer cool for any backyard bonfires this fall. What's in store: With an acre of fruit trees and a massive greenhouse, this house has the perfect setup for a buyer with a green thumb.
Whether your patio furniture has lived in the basement, garage, shed, or out on the deck or patio all winter, it probably needs a little bit of cleaning before it’s ready to use again. Plastic – Wipe your plastic patio furniture with a clean cloth moistened with a solution of water and mild dishwashing soap. Wicker – Use a soft scrub brush and a solution of water and a mild, oil-based soap to clean between the canes.
Wrought iron – Like plastic patio furniture, wipe down with a clean cloth moistened with water and a mild dishwashing soap, then rinse with water. Aluminum – Wipe with a clean cloth moistened with a solution of water and a mild dishwashing soap.
If your patio furniture is beginning to show its age and it’s time for new, we have a showroom full of pieces in all styles and colors that are sure to make your outdoor room look fabulous. The outdoor living area in the HGTV Dream Home 2014 in Truckee Tahoe, California offers comfortable space for outdoor cooking, dining, and general relaxing. The first true display of winter in Northern Colorado probably means it’s time to take care of your patio furniture for the season (if you haven’t already).
Wood: Wood patio furniture can be left out year round (that’s how teak gets that wonderful silvery look). Natural wicker: Unlike wood patio furniture, wicker should be stored in a covered, protected area. All-weather wicker: The man-made counterpart to natural wicker is typically made of a durable material like polyethylene that leaves it fairly weather-resistant.
Steel: Steel-framed patio furniture should be stored inside to prevent rust from forming on any nicks or scratches on the finish.
Natural stone: By its nature, stone has cracks in it, which can collect water and moisture. Cushions and umbrellas: Today’s outdoor fabrics are designed to take the elements, but it’s still a good idea to bring cushions and umbrellas inside for the winter out of the weather and away from critters that may choose to nest in them over the winter.
Taking care of your patio furniture will help ensure it has a long life in your outdoor room, making it an enjoyable place to spend your time for years to come. A standard gas fire pit gets a new look and provides a new level of warmth and enjoyment with the addition of fire glass to replace the standard ceramic logs. Fire glass is made up of small pieces of colored, tempered glass that can be used in fire pits and fire tables to hide the gas jets and radiate the heat and reflect the light from the fire. Many people enjoy a fire with fire glass because of the effect it provides – the light from the fire reflects off the glass to cast a warm, vibrant glow, adding to the ambiance of the fire. The glass also distributes the heat to provide even warmth, no matter where around the fire someone is sitting. Surroundings Store customers discuss the advantages of replacing their old redwood deck with a new, custom deck designed and built by Surroundings.
Whether you decide to work with a professional landscape designer or do the work yourself, start planning your landscaping by thinking about how you want to use your space.
Once you have an idea for how your landscaping will function, it’s time to create a design. Landscaping can be installed by professionals, you can do it yourself, or you can use a combination depending on your desire and ability. Once your landscaping is finished, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the view from your outdoor room. Outdoor wicker – Traditional wicker looks beautiful on the front porch, but the natural fibers were never meant to stand up to the baking sun and outdoor elements. Wrought iron – Today’s quality, powder-coated finishes on wrought iron outdoor furniture retain their painted beauty for years, unlike the iron furniture you remember from your parents’ or grandparents’ patio that required scraping and painting every year. Teak – Used for centuries in ship building, teak contains a high oil content that protects the wood from the sun, wind, and rain, enabling teak outdoor furniture to keep its good looks and resist warping, rotting, and cracking. Aluminum – One of the advantages of aluminum outdoor furniture is it can stay outside all summer and it won’t rust.
Today’s materials and manufacturing processes result in attractive, durable outdoor furniture that will provide a stylish, comfortable, and functional focal point for your outdoor room. If you are tired of cooking over your freestanding gas grill and makeshift kitchen area, you might be ready to add a grill island to complete your outdoor room. We invite you to come in to Surroundings and sit down with one of our designers to plan your outdoor kitchen. This half-canopy umbrella is perfect for decks, balconies, or other tight spaces that need shade but are too small for traditional, round umbrellas.
Patio umbrellas are popular in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado because of our intense sun in the summer and the tendency for quick rain showers to appear and disappear in the afternoon and evening.
Patio umbrella fabrics such as Sunbrella® are made from acrylic fibers that are dyed before the fabric is made.
Tilting is a great feature for a patio umbrella because it allows you to create shade in the morning or afternoon when the sun is hot but not directly overhead. Push-button tilt – A simple mechanism that releases the upright lock on the umbrella and allows you to tilt it into one or more positions before it locks in place.
Automatic tilt – An added feature to hand-crank patio umbrellas that creates a tilt when you continue to turn the crank once the umbrella is fully open. Collar tilt – A mechanism that tilts the umbrella by turning a ring or collar that’s located just above the crank housing. Center – The traditional market umbrella style has a center pole, which fits nicely in the center of most patio tables. The right outdoor lighting around your home and outdoor spaces allows you to take advantage of them after dark, as well as add beauty and an element of security to your property.
Consider using dimmable fixtures to enable you to control the amount of light – you may want brighter light over your outdoor table for playing a board game than you would for enjoying after-dinner conversation. In areas where there are safety considerations, such as along walkways, stairs, driveways, and parking areas, outdoor lighting should provide enough illumination to make your family and guests feel safe. Outdoor lighting can also be used in your yard or around your home to provide visual interest. To maintain energy efficiency, consider using features such as timers, motion sensors, and photo sensors to control the lighting so it’s not on full output when it’s not being used. By using the right fixtures, you can be sure to keep light confined to the areas in which you want it and away from others, such as over a property boundary or in a bedroom window, while making your outdoor spaces comfortable to enjoy under the stars.
At Surroundings, our outdoor kitchen designs include strategically placed zones to maximize the kitchen’s functionality and create harmony. During the outdoor kitchen design process, we listen carefully to understand our clients’ needs and wants, while taking into consideration budgets, local codes, site conditions, usability, comfort, and safety.
We offer everything from predesigned kitchen islands to component, cabinet-based kitchens to completely custom kitchen design. Come to Surroundings to see our wide array of kitchen options and taste the food cooked at our outdoor demonstration kitchen.   Let us help you rediscover your backyard because life is better outdoors! The relatively snowless winter we have had so far has not been great for winter sports, but it has certainly made grilling easier.
3) Give yourself plenty of preheat time, and make sure you use a meat thermometer to ensure everything is cooked through and tasty. 4) If it’s windy, position your grill at a 90 degree angle to the wind to reduce its cooling effect.
5) If the weather is awful, no matter how tempting it is to grill in the garage, DON’T DO IT! Good luck with your winter grilling, and remember — spring will be here before we know it. Anyone who has visited the Surroundings Store in Fort Collins has seen the magnificent curved Trex deck in the middle of our store. The staircase was inconveniently placed on the side of the backyard, and the width of the staircase was a bit narrow. The original deck was showing signs of disrepair, and was not adequate for comfortably entertaining people outdoors.

The lower patio was partially covered, but there was no protection from water falling through the deck. After the first draft of the plan is completed in a CAD program, the deck designer took those plans and created the 3D model of the house using site photographs. Site photos can be inserted into our renderings to create a true sense of place and familiarity for homeowners. Florida Tile and curved Trex Transcend come together at the top of the stairs, providing a unique transition between the stairs and the deck.
The lower patio is protected from the elements with the installation of an InsideOut under-deck protection system. The Johnsons have an outstanding multi-level deck, but lacked shade structures on the front portions of the deck. The Martines wanted a moderate size deck with enough space to entertain 4-6 guests, accommodate a gas grill, and provide access to the grass.
Tile was chosen as the deck material to blend the existing tile in their kitchen into the new outdoor space. With any tile deck, a sturdy underlayment is required to support the tile on the deck joists. Deck skirting and fascia boards prevent rodents and other animals from taking up residence under the deck. In the bowl of a heavy-duty mixer fitted with a dough hook, stir the yeast into the warm water until it dissolves. One of the advantages Surroundings and our Surroundscape process has over home improvement and outdoor furniture stores is that we can do all the installation for you.
But what if you want to run a gas line from your home out to the grill so you don’t have to worry about propane bottles? Doing an outdoors-improvement job yourself is a great way to save money and give you the satisfaction of completing a project. Whether you choose one of our semi-custom design packages for your outdoor space, a complete custom design, or just select some furnishings from our showroom floor, Surroundscape will help provide you with the outdoor space you’ll appreciate for years to come. Most people who stop by Surroundings head out to our patio at some point during their tour of our store where their jaws drop. The National Association of Home Builders has estimated that outdoor kitchens can add up to 130% of their value to the price of your home. With all of the above being said, think where your guests tend to gather when they’re inside your house. For whatever reason, outdoor entertaining tends to encourage cooking experiments that often involve lots of red sauce and grease spatters. Maybe it’s all the reasons outlined above, but hanging out outdoors cooking and eating with friends is just a great time. Some of my favorites are the Cooking Gallery store - amazing items for the kitchen and Tahoe Candle! I was a corporate trainer for Planet Hollywood and spent a year and a half traveling with them opening new store during thier heyday. I believe that Culinary is something that is taught hands on and experience by living in the culture that it sustains. Now that the craziness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday has ended, take what you have saved and do some shopping at with some of your local merchants. Even though the furniture in this beautiful store is a little on the pricey side, just going into this shop will make you want to redecorate your home into Tahoe Mountain Chic. If you are looking for that one special piece for a loved one’s home or garden, the Spirit Gallery and Interior Design studio will give you that. Support local artists in the Tahoe and Truckee area by purchasing some wonderful handmade items such as jewelry, oil paintings and photographs of the surrounding area.
After all this shopping you might need to put your feet up, so visit this little shop just behind the main downtown shopping area and grab a glass of wine.
We've found the right spots: seven homes with airtight, temperature-controlled root cellars. The root cellar on this property looks like a jailhouse straight from the Wild West, complete with rustic log walls and iron-hinged door.
It features a mature garden and a root cellar, and there's a wide cedar porch for you to take in the gorgeous forest views as well as a slice of tasty apple pie! To remove scuff marks, use a damp cloth and a small amount of a non-abrasive liquid cleanser like Soft Scrub. Wide glass doors slide open from the home to reveal the outside, creating an easy flow from indoors to out. Some is fine to leave out; others need to go into the garage, shed, or other protected place.
However, make sure all the water is drained out of the frames so they don’t freeze and crack.
Don’t cover it, however – covers can trap moisture inside the wood, leading to mold and mildew, even in our dry climate. The cold, dry air in the Northern Colorado winters can cause your wicker to crack and splinter. Touch up any damages before storing, if possible, and your patio furniture will look as good as new when you bring it out again in the spring.
If it freezes, the stone can expand and contract, causing damage and potentially breaking it apart.
Check any of your wrought iron pieces for rust; use a wire brush to remove it, then touch up the areas with rust-resistant paint. Reds, yellows, and oranges create the look of coals or embers in the fire pit, while greens and blues can create an unusual, unexpected effect. Fire glass actually radiates three to four times more heat than wood or artificial logs because of its surface. Do you need grassy or play areas for kids and pets, or low maintenance native plantings with, perhaps, a water feature focal point?
Professional landscape designers do this well, and often have computer programs to help lay out exactly what you are looking for.
Unless you have experience installing sprinkler systems, hardscape, decks, and other large projects, those tasks are generally best left to the professionals.
Different styles and construction materials available allow homeowners to select furniture to complement their personal tastes and extend the indoors to the deck or patio. Today’s outdoor or all-weather wicker is woven using polyethylene resin fibers with coloring built right in.
Over time, the wood weathers to a silvery gray, but polishing and protectants can help keep or restore it its original golden-brown color.
Aluminum frame outdoor furniture is typically less expensive than cast aluminum, which can have the look of wrought iron and last forever. They include commercial-quality appliances, such as the gas grill (of course), plus built-in features such as side burners, warming drawers, roasting ovens and rotisseries, refrigerators, ice makers, built-in trash and recycling bins, storage pantries, prep and bar sinks, and, of course, plenty of counter space for prepping, plating, and serving. You select an enclosure based on the size of your outdoor room or the size that will incorporate all the features you are looking for, then select the appliances and features. We work with several different grill island dealers and can help you work within your budget – and your wish list – to create the outdoor kitchen and grill island that will fit your lifestyle.
The Off-the-Wall Brella stands in its base flush against a wall without needing attachment and can be easily opened and moved to create protection from the sun where it’s needed. We have several in stock at Surroundings and some on display, so if you have a small outdoor space that needs some shade, come take a look. When you’re shopping for a patio umbrella, here are some features you might want to consider.
The result is a fabric that looks like cotton, but doesn’t fade or break down in the sun and the elements like cotton canvas. One of the nice aspects of this feature is you can continually adjust the tilt into any position as the sun moves without having to get out of your chair. The advantage of this umbrella tilt is with different mechanisms for opening and tilting, you can enjoy your patio umbrella and its resulting shade in various degree combinations of open and tilt. We have plenty more that we can order for you as well, so if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Low-level path lighting spreads circles of light on the ground to illuminate walkways while accenting adjacent flowerbeds. Use low voltage spotlights to highlight features in the yard that you can see from your outdoor room, such as an ornamental tree, a water feature, sculpture, etc. Motion sensors are triggered to switch on by a motion detector, and on many models you can adjust the amount of time the light stays on.

Each zone is ergonomically intuitive and all essential operations for that zone are available within an arm’s reach. And not only can we design your outdoor kitchen, we also offer a wide variety of grills, appliances, and other outdoor furnishings to make your kitchen complete.
Even though the grill will keep your front warm, if the weather is super chilly, other parts could be subjected to frostbite.
The plan evolved to include stone veneers on the deck columns, and a concrete overlay for the patio underneath the deck. This area could become a menagerie of potted plants, or an outdoor deep seating area, or both! Contact a landscape designer at Surroundings for more information on InsideOut deck drainage solutions. If all you need is outdoor dining furniture and a new grill, it probably makes sense that you can put it together yourself and arrange it on the deck or patio. But if you’re not exactly sure what you’re doing, hiring a professional in the long run can often save money – and frustration. We can install as much or as little of the components for your outdoor living area as you like.
The outdoor kitchen we’ve installed as a showpiece for available possibilities is pretty amazing. That’s a better return for the money than most upgrades homeowners make on the INSIDE of their homes.
Walk through Old Town Fort Collins and it’s an oddity to see a restaurant without a patio or deck for dining.
An outdoor kitchen complete with sink and running water makes clean-up that much easier, and prevents the traipsing in and out between the grill and the kitchen that can lead to who-knows-what who-knows-where.
Chef James Miller will prepare a full menu dinner party detailing it to your smallest desire.
Some of the best shopping in the Tahoe area is in downtown Truckee, where you can park once and walk through the entire area to complete your shopping list. It is full of everything an experienced or aspiring cook will ever want including cast iron Dutch Ovens, cookbooks, tablecloths, cutlery, candles, spices and more. High Camp Home features cabin-style furniture with a rustic look but they also offer stylish and industrial items such as granite topped tables, woolen couches and leather chairs. Silk screen scarves and knitted hats, sweaters and scarves are also sold at this fun, little shop. For about $8 a bottle you might be able to pick up something for the oenophile on your list. The land comes with a stocked pond and a cedar-lined root cellar perfect for storing your smoked catch. Take a look at the photos to see all aspects of the outdoor room — they just might inspire you to do something with your own outdoor room. Patio furniture covers work well to keep the water out, especially from melting and refreezing snow. It doesn’t give off toxic fumes, smoke, ash, or soot, so you can sit close to the warmth without concern.
Do you want enough seating and dining room to entertain lots of friends or just your family?
But generally any homeowner who enjoys hard work and getting dirty can install plantings, mulch, and sod with success. Keeping your sprinkler system adjusted properly will ensure your new plants will receive the right amount of hydration without wasting water.
The result is outdoor furniture that has the classic look of wicker and is designed to last. Both types of aluminum outdoor furniture are lightweight, durable, and require little care and maintenance. This gives these patio umbrellas a lifespan of up to 10 times greater than products you may have purchased in the past. Brighter lighting is usually preferred to illuminate eating areas, and bright, direct task lighting is recommended over grills, kitchen, and serving areas.
Because the light stays close to the ground, you avoid reducing the ambiance of being outdoors at night. The play of light and shadow often gives you a completely different view than what you get during daylight hours.
Photo sensors turn lights on at dusk – you can program them to stay on for a certain number of hours before shutting off, or allow the photo sensor to shut them off at dawn. Make sure, though, you’re not wearing any scarves, tassels, or other dangling items that could end up on or in the grill and create a safety hazard.
Having an under-deck drainage system over a patio creates a completely covered outdoor living area, and adding walls to a covered patio or deck makes the space a true outdoor room. Face it, would you rather spend every weekend all summer building your outdoor space or enjoying it? We have great relationships with trade partners that we’ve certified in our installation process, so you contract with us to complete the entire job and we will oversee everyone else, making sure the job is done correctly and safely within the timeline we establish.
Homeowners like to entertain outdoors as well, and features like affordable fire pits and propane heaters make it even easier to be outside almost all year. So if you’re having an outdoor party, wouldn’t you rather have them gather in the outdoor kitchen than the one indoors? And forget about mopping the floor outdoors when a dousing with the garden hose works easier and even better. There are stores for the clothes horse, the decorator, the chef and even the kids on your list. Items include furniture and decorative items, fountains and items for the bathroom or the kitchen. Do you need more shade or, if you have a home with mature landscaping, do you have too much?
Manufacturers are consistently introducing new colors and patterns as well, making your patio umbrella not only functional for keeping the sun and elements at bay, but beautiful as a focal point in your outdoor room as well.
With a cantilever umbrella, a separate wooden or metal piece connects to the main support pole at an angle, and the canopy hangs from this piece. However, be careful to avoid glare that would detract from the ambiance of being outside under the stars. Low voltage step lighting ensures everyone can move about safely on different levels of your deck – lights attach easily to one or both sides of every step and provide just enough glow for confident movement.
After meeting with Surroundings landscape designer, a plan for a tile deck with a curved staircase emerged. A pergola or awning would be a great solution, but you don’t have the time or the know-how to safely install it. Comfortable furnishings and kitchen conveniences will keep your guests close by and involved in or watching the activity, which is where they like to be.
Select it and click on the button to choose it.Then click on the link if you want to upload up to 3 more images.
If you would rather leave the landscape maintenance to the professionals so you have more time to sit back and enjoy your outdoor room, ask your landscape designer or installation contractor for a reference. This type of umbrella is ideal when you want to protect a patio table or conversation area, but you don’t want to have to work around the pole. For the first rising, shape the dough into a ball and leave it in the mixer or place it on a lightly floured surface.
Or the flagstone pavers you want to add to the yard, or the upgrade to the irrigation system for the raised-bed herb garden, or even the raised-bed herb garden itself. You can watch them make their products from the front window, they always give you "yummy" samples to try, they have great presentation of their gift bags, and lots of gift baskets to choose from. To support the weight of the umbrella, the stands are typically fairly large and heavy, and the umbrella canopies are often more difficult to maneuver into the correct position. If you don’t want to have an umbrella pole in the middle of your outdoor room, this type of umbrella might make sense for you. Reduce heat to low, cover and cook until the artichokes are tender and a leaf can be easily pulled off; about 10 minutes.

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