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The images in this set include children eating dinner, frying, holding cooked chicken, pouring pasta from a strainer, tossing salad, slicing tomato, stirring a pot, mixing and tasting. Please ensure that you scroll all the way to the bottom of the folder to retrieve all available files. Take the stress out of cooking and let the Bosch MCM5530GB Food Processor do all the hard work whether you're prepping for cooked meals or dicing large quantities of ingredients for baking purposes! Specially designed for extracting juice from any kind of segmented citrus fruit, the 60W powered Kenwood JE290 citrus juicer has a 1 litre transparent juice jug designed for easy pouring, and a removable pulp container.
Product Description : Imagine a culinary trip to Thailand and being able to taste the exotic flavors of this fabulous cuisine.
Keeping Your Gas Restaurant Equipment Cooking is an easy to read and use repair manual for gas restaurant cooking equipment. Providing you with all the functionality you need to produce fantastic food every time, it's hard to see beyond the stunning stainless steel Zanussi ZCV563DX Electric Cooker !
The smart Flavel Milano ML61CDS Electric Cooker is a great addition to any kitchen, with the added bonus that it fits into a space only 60cm wide!
Beautifully finished in stainless steel, the slim 50 cm Hotpoint HAE51X Electric Cooker is your home cooking solution! This stunning Richmond 550E Mini Range Electric Cooker has elegant charm and with its contemporary striking red appearance that immediately catches your eye, it is bound to impress!
Swipe through more than 300 easy, delicious chicken, beef, pork, fish and vegetarian entrees—then add sides and desserts to make healthy weeknight meals you and your family will love. Before purchasing, please check that you are able to open zip files and ensure that your zip opening software is updated. Here, you can find a wide selection of images for your scrapbooking, craft or educational needs. Create nutritious fruit and vegetable juices in the comfort of your own home with this great juicer!
The Philips HR 1861 aluminium whole fruit juicer does what it says: turn washed whole fruit into juice and pulp. This beautifully designed white Bosch MCM5530GB Food Processor has a powerful 1100W motor, 4-stage speed settings and an additional pulse setting.

With over 300 drawings, this book is designed for repairmen, restaurant owners, and restaurant managers.
The Zanussi ZCV563DX Electric Cooker provides double electric ovens, with the main oven boasting Thermaflow fan cooking for fast and energy-efficient heating. It boasts 4 electric rings and a large capacity electric oven, so you have plenty of space for whatever you happen to be cooking, from a simple meal to a whole roast dinner.
With a four-element ceramic hob, roomy 54-litre fanned oven and separate variable grill, the HAE51P is perfect for small families or limited kitchen spaces. With a 4-zone hob and two roomy oven cavities the Richmond 550E Mini Range Electric Cooker can provide effective cooking results, especially with the variety of options at your disposal with conventional, fan-assisted or grill cooking available.
No need to fork out for expensive fresh juice from the supermarket when you can experiment and create your favourites at home, all thanks to the HR1861 Juicer .
The 2-speed 700W motor and the removable stainless steel mesh filter do all the work for you. This means it can chop, slice, mince, mix, blend, whisk, shred, stripe, cut and knead almost any ingredient you put into the bowl! Written by Don Walker, a service professional with over 12 years experience, Keeping Your Gas Restaurant Equipment Cooking will help you quickly fix many problems without having to call a repairman.
The top oven incorporates a variable grill, adding even further versatility to your culinary palette! It's also got a separate variable grill so you can grill at the same time as cooking other things. The fanned oven ensures a consistent temperature throughout the main interior, while self-cleaning catalytic liners make day-to-day maintenance care-free. The sleek but sturdy aluminium lid that comes with the Richmond 550E Mini Range Electric Cooker adds a touch of class to proceedings and the A-rated energy efficiency for the main oven means that running costs will be welcome.
The micro mesh filter is a great feature, it squeezes every single drop from your fruit or veg to give you more juice, and the generous 2 litre jug allows for continual juicing! The juicer extracts all the liquid it can from the fruit into a 1.5 litre container, whilst the pulp goes into a removable container with a capacity of 2 litres.
Two different recipients make it easier to deal with liquids and solid or semi-solid ingredients separately.

The four-element ceramic hob provides an easy-to-clean cooking surface with the added safety benefit of not using a naked flame. Elegantly styled, durable and reliable, the Hotpoint HAE51X Electric Cooker offers a compact but versatile suite of cooking options and will help you transform your everyday meals into a moment of pleasure! Cleaning is not an issue either for the Richmond 550E Mini Range Electric Cooker as the pristine enamel-liners mean that the fear of cleaning will not over-shadow the cooking as this superb-looking mini range cooker looks to make its way in to your kitchen! You can pop most fruit and veg into the large feeding tube whole and the HR1861 Juicer will chop it up for you, so there's minimal preparation time. The liquidiser has a 1.5-litre capacity, while the transparent plastic mixing bowl can welcome up to 1 kg of flour, before adding other ingredients. With a powerful 700 Watt motor, you can juice at speed, ideal for hectic mornings when you're running late! The transparent lid with a lid and a funnel stuffer helps you progressively add ingredients.
Further cooking convenience is provided in the form of a programmable LED timer, which lets you relax whilst your food cooks for the allotted amount of time. Blending into your kitchen seamlessly and manufactured from a brand you can trust, the Zanussi ZCV563DX Electric Cooker is as good-looking as it is multifunctional! The safe locking arms prevents any accidents from occurring while the juicer is running - for your peace of mind! The parts are dishwasher safe, so the juicer is easy to keep clean, and the machine has a safety lock. Other nifty details include a citrus press and juice extractor accessories, safety locking lids to prevent spills or accidents, a separate accessory box, rubber suction feet and integrated cable storage. Spend less time in the kitchen, and more time at the table enjoying mouth-watering dishes with friends and family with the Bosch MCM5530GB Food Processor – a home cook's best friend!

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