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This is the perfect gift for nearly any kid, and can be assemble quite quickly and will only cost you around $9 each. I have known for quite some time that we spent WAY too much money on groceries — about $600-700 a month for two grown ups and a preschooler!
I am still learning and I am in no way one of those extreme couponers that walks out of the store with six cartfuls of groceries for free (though that would be awesome).
I try to check these a couple times a week or at least right before I’m planning a shopping trip.
I am Lisa, a thirty-something-year old “bride” living in the Jackson, Mississippi, metro area. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. With a pale golden color and deliciously light white wine taste, Jolina white cooking wine will be a staple ingredient for many popular dishes! Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations!
The only thing that would not fit was the small cutting board, which worked well because I just tied it all together (goodies stuffed into oven mitt, oven mitt tied to cutting board) using festive ribbon. Swipe through more than 300 easy, delicious chicken, beef, pork, fish and vegetarian entrees—then add sides and desserts to make healthy weeknight meals you and your family will love. I think The Husband and I do a pretty good job of living below our means and I will tell you in a heartbeat – I am cheap. Determined to cut our grocery bill in half, I sat down a few months ago and began researching ways to do that.

But I have managed to score some pretty good deals and let me tell you, it is a bit of a rush. In addition to pulled pork sandwiches, I also know I can use that meat in pulled pork nachos, stuffed bell peppers, and I’m reworking this recipe later in the week to used pork instead of chicken. We have one here too and while I love it, I only buy specialty items there – meaning it’s a treat! Compared to other types of cooking wines, white cooking wine has a lightly flavored, delicate taste that complements lighter fare. First you’ll need to remove the tags and labels from most of the products, then just assemble them inside the oven mitt! But I am always looking for a way to trim our budget and squeeze a little more out of what we have. What I have discovered is that effectively navigating the grocery store is an acquired skill and it takes strategy.
The problem is, keeping up with ALL the sales at ALL the stores is overwhelming and time consuming.
You can try to keep all this info in your head, but it does help to write down the rock bottom price for these items.
Sale cycles usually run every six to eight weeks (I also know the last time butter was on sale was right around Christmas – about two months ago). Get out a sheet of lined paper, write down the days of the week on each line, then next to that write down what you are going to have for dinner each night.
My store also had bacon and soft tortilla shells on sale (with a coupon, the tortillas only cost me $1).

This versatile white cooking wine is especially popular in seafood recipes, soups, and Italian dishes like risotto. My nieces are the same way, always wanting to mix and measure and blend and bake with their mom. I also packaged these in a shirt-sized gift box with Christmas-themed tissue paper, then wrapped the box and added a simple label.
Because it might be another two months before the price drops this low again, I bought enough cartons of butter to last two months. It imparts wonderful flavor in salad dressings, poultry dishes, and even vegetables and soups. We did Christmas early with our extended family and, let me tell you, these cooking sets were a hit! They not only notify you of a sale, but match it with any available coupons so you save even more. For instance, if chicken is on sale, get creative and come up with as many different variations of chicken that you can think of (and that your family won’t get sick of). It hasn’t been a struggle to stay within that budget and The Husband even commented he doesn’t felt like we are doing without.
Not only will you save money, but it will save your sanity because when your kids are starving and asking what’s for dinner, you have a plan.

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