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I love making these {store reviews} I keep on coming back to my articles when I have a foodie’s heaven kinda cravings! If you have never been to Salt Meats Cheese in Alexandria (Sydney), just next to The Grounds, you won’t be disappointed.
My favourite parts are the cheeses, as you might have guessed if you read this blog regularly and cold meat. It is a truly Italian atmosphere that you feel in this place and a lot of the products are a godsend for your Italian cuisine cravings.
There is the largest choice of pasta I have seen in Sydney so far (correct me if I’m wrong).
If you are a compulsive gift giver like me, these rainbow or bayadere pasta are a wonderful find.
They hold a very good selection of products from La Belle Chaurienne from the city of Castelnaudary in France. French cheeses hold a good part of the shelves with a gorgeous looking Epoisses, a Pico goat cheese from Perigord and a Royal Faucon camembert.
There is also the creamy and tasty Delice d’Argental, some Stilton and blue goat cheese among other things.
On the other side of the building, the cheese and cold meat counter has an impressive collection of cheeses as well. More sauces such as Japanese soy, Mexican smoked chipotle, Tunisian Harissa and other delights.
OK now, this will be a good occasion to correct my previous article about my shopping spree in Antwerp! I have heard a lot about this Lebanese style ice-cream with mastic (one of my absolute fav flavour). Here you will find a quite large collection of fancy and original drinks and waters such as rose water and orange blossom water.
At the end of your trek through the tempting aisles of this marvellous store, you will be helped with a smile at the cashier.
A big thank you to Salt Meats Cheese for bringing so many amazing products to Sydney and super interesting cooking classes. Though I hate to be away, I’m looking forward to seeing my family, and of course, my official business for this trip is book promotion, and I can already tell that a visit to DC, my hometown, is going to be swell.

On Saturday from 2 pm to 5 pm, I’m going to be at the very fabulous La Cuisine cookware store in Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia. Nancy and I have cooked up a scheme to serve a selection of yummy recipes from Fresh From the Farm.
While we’re serving tasting samples (I’ll be at the store from 2 to 5 pm), I’ll be signing books, of course, and offering some tips about how to keep a simple, well-stocked pantry for making delicious veggie dishes. I have to say, the May Day Radish and Parsley Salad with Lemon and Ginger has the most delicious dressing and really is versatile enough to serve all year-round.  I know because I made a batch yesterday to judge how many portions I will need for the market. Yesterday I ate a good deal of this salad right out of the bowl, and then I threw some blood orange segments into the rest (I had half of a blood orange leftover from another test) and wow—loved that color and flavor. Hope I can catch up with some of you in DC, but bear in mind I’ll be in Chicago mid-March and Montana and North Carolina in April. This entry was posted in Edible, The Cookbooks, Travel and tagged Edible, Farm animals, Radishes, The Book on February 24, 2014 by Susie Middleton.
Where and When To Hear and See Susie To see the list of current events on Susie's "Fresh from the Farm" travels, click on "About" on the Nav Bar at the top of the blog, and then click on "Events and Appearances" in the drop-down menu. You will find the delicious beans we eat for Easter with the lamb roast, the Duck Cassoulet, high quality goose fat (graisse d’oie) which I use to pan fry my potatoes with a touch of garlic and a pinch of Italian herbs.
Here you have a rotissoire a fromage and a cuiseur a chevre which respectively mean cheese roasting pot (clay) and goat cheese cooker. As much as I love finding French cheeses which I miss a lo, I would like to see more local Aussie farm cheeses which are truly delicious and are rarely sold in delis and never in supermarkets. If you have a special dinner where you want to surprise you guest, it is a go to store in Sydney.
I bought a Himalayan salt stone there because I had never seen it in Australia and suspected they had not arrived yet.
Booza is a local brand and I like their ideas… Coffee and cardamom remind me of long afternoons in Beirut being served this Arabic coffee with a wonderful touch of cardamom. Actually, driving down to spend a night with my parents in Delaware, then a weekend with my sister Eleanor in Virginia. Nancy’s going to make the Curry-Coconut Butternut Squash Soup and the Southwestern Quinoa Salad with Black Beans and Farmstand Veggies. I remembered loving this salad when I developed it, and fortunately, my memory wasn’t warped!

Check it out online, but be sure to pick up that new issue of Fine Cooking on the news stand—it’s one of the best I’ve ever read. First of all it’s huge and of course, as a consequence it offers a crazy large choice of products. It’s the real deal and the pizza of which my kids left me a tiny slice was delicious. Leaving Roy alone at the farm with 500 chickens, a farm dog, a frisky kitten, and a lot of eggs to wash. I’ve admired Nancy Purves Pollard and her store (mostly from afar in my years away from Washington) for her one-of-a-kind collection of high-quality cookware and cooking ingredients. And I am going to make the Rustic Roasted Tomato Tarts and the Christmas Slaw with Slivered Pears, Cranberries, & Pecans.
Kari Evans, is going to hang out with me at the market, while I do a recipe demo, offer tastings, and sign books.
Of course, I got into a little thing with crystallized ginger while I was developing recipes for Fresh from the Farm, so I actually had to rein myself in and quit using it after a few recipes. Grilled cheese, twice-baked potatoes, tagines, meringues, quick ideas for baby spinach, ham, barbequed shrimp—Oh my! I learnt a lot and went home with tons of rice paper rolls which made a fantastic dinner for my friends and family.
Not to mention about 600 farm chores to start on now that the weather is (sort of) breaking.
The Fresh Farm Market folks have a program called “Chef at Market,” and I tried to get down to participate in it 3 years ago. It’s an amazing ingredient in vinaigrettes, because the sugar dissolves and the ginger remains spicy, so there is both a nuanced flavor and interesting texture to the dressing.

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