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Adam Stokes held a Michelin star at Glenapp Castle and his recipes are available in our recipe section. It’s our little slice of paradise in San Sebastian, and our flagship destination for a reason.
Sitting on a surfboard at sunset with a hot Spaniard whispering Spanish sweet-nothings in your ear. Two Countries, One Surf Trip, perfect paellas, the best of baguettes and waves to wonder at. Enjoy a day out of Barcelona in crystal clear waters, snorkeling and having serious fun kayaking. Beachside camping accommodation, daily yoga classes, delicious food, great tunes and parties. Scotland’s kilted capital will have much fun at the world’s biggest arts and comedy festival. Oktoberfest is unashamedly about drinking beer, and we think that’s absolutely wonderful!
What do you get when you cross a massive rock festival and devoted hard-core fans with Bavaria?
Get your gladrags on and get ready for a day of decadence and delight at the Royal Ascot Races! We’ll boogie in clubs and dance around fires on the beach to hippies playing their bongo drums. San Vino wine fight is a battle so fierce that the vineyard and surrounding hillsides turn red.
The biggest electronic music festival of the year in one of the most vibrant and beautiful cities.

Held on the Island of Freedom, this is a week long celebration of life, freedom and creativity. What would our Ride With Us tour be without the one and only Oktoberfest tour in Munich 2016? Starting and ending in Split and covering all the best spots of the Croatian coast Wild parties on and off board?. More than just a leisurely stroll, this trip will also exercise whichever muscles help you laugh. Shop in the famous La Boqueria before top chefs teach you to make tapas, paella and sangria. Get the party started early by riding with us by van from Budapest to the magni?cent Munich. The journey to La Tomatina 2016 has never been easier, ride with us and get the party started early. The next morning we drag our sorry asses out of bed and hit the slopes, the alpine air makes for the perfect hangover cure. We’re up bright and early again on the Sunday for one last day of shredding before heading back to Barcelona in the evening. Squeezed in between Spain and France high in the Pyrenees, Andorra is usually omitted from most travelers’ itineraries.
That’s right, Andorra is tax free, so drinking, smoking and pornography is cheaper here than in other European countries. A great option if you’re coming to Barcelona from elsewhere in Spain, or from France. Check Eurolines for international buses to Barcelona, or Vibasa for buses from within Spain.

A ski suit most importantly since you can’t hire them in Andorra, warm clothes to sleep in and something awesome to party in, a camera, condoms (better safe than sorry!), cash, gloves, sunscreen and sunglasses. The unique cast iron Stoven Mayfair SE combines contemporary stying with a separate integral oven, enabling cooking. We live in Triltington and we are calling our night "Tritmull night" as opposed to our usual Tritcoc night! He has moved to The Midlands to open a new Restaurant - see Gourmet Life Style link Good Luck and All the Best Adam!
Just up the road from our offices in Barcelona, this tax-free principality is great for skiing and boarding, partying, or just getting into the mountains for a weekend. After a 3 and a half hour drive, we find ourselves deep in the Pyrenees just in time to dump our bags in the hotel and hit the bars for dinner, drinks and some inappropriate dancing. Ryanair and Easyjet, the budget favorites for your comfort shirking tight ass pals here at Stoke Travel, fly to Barcelona regularly. Also DEFRA approved with a large panoramic curved viewing window and excellent efficiency, it is clear why this product is at home in every setting.
Stoke Travel is buying dinner and maybe even a round of shooters, before once again stomping our way to dance floor glory around Andorra’s many bars, chances are this one will be a late one.
One thing to remember is that Girona Airport, which sometimes yields the cheapest option, is an hour by bus from downtown Barcelona. You can purchase lessons when you’re up the mountain or teach yourself some tricks off the magic carpet.

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