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Free to play thousands of smoothie shop Games at Cooking Games Online,we add new cooking games everyday!
This is an interesting and exciting casual game!Outstanding sound effect and fantastic graphics!Cakes of different colors for you to cut! Cooking games for girls, boys and their parents!Cake maker will teach you how to cook a delicious homemade sand cake with cherries.
Cake Maker,cooking game,kids gameEveryone especially girls and kids love the cake, but can you make it by yourself? This cooking game is for you all CupCake lovers , play through 15 levels with 7 cup cakes to choose and 7 toppings to pick.
Burger Shop is a really fun time management game that players will enjoy as they endeavour to produce top class burgers with the help of the Burger Tron 2000 robot. Players who enjoyed the original Burger Shop will find this sequel is everything the original was plus more.
Our Characters Rebecca and Robert are back again but this time in New York as they turn an old subway car into a grand subway sandwich bar. This super speedy time management game will challenge even the most proficient of gamers while giving them hours of fun and amusement. Go-Go Gourmet is a great time management plus hidden object game that foody fans will love to play.
Flo’s Diner is back in the spotlight with the introduction of Cooking Dash by PlayFirst – Free Games. When it comes to cooking games, either on mobile or Facebook, we've seen dozens of games come and go, with most revolving around the same basic premise: cooking dishes and then serving them to automated guests to earn coins and continue the cycle.
Deluxe Cafe has an incredibly simple premise: you've been given the keys to a new cake shop, and can cook a variety of cakes that each take a different amount of time to prepare.
The most unique feature in Deluxe Cafe is the ability to create dishes that can then be customized in terms of name, cooking time and prepared servings. While the majority of Deluxe Cafe deals with cakes, you can also purchase access to ice cream dishes (and the ice cream dish creation studio) by spending a few units of premium currency.
In terms of cafe customization, you can purchasing individual tables and chairs, but you'll need to make sure a pathway exists around the outside of these items so that guests can sit down and actually eat. While these issues scream of oversight at the very least, the biggest issue in Deluxe Cafe is the game's ability to relaunch the initial tutorial when returning to your own restaurant, after visiting a neighbor. Free to play thousands of Dariole of Potatoes with Vegetables Games at Cooking Games Online! Free to play thousands of Dariole of Potatoes with Vegetables Games at Cooking Games Online,we add new cooking games everyday!
As your best friends with her you should try and give a hand in picking out her outfit for work tomorrow, maybe this time with your help she will get lucky. Play Fruit Shop Games could be one way to improve your creativity and imagination, enjoy it!

Only a few people knew that grandmother had a unique recipe for a special cake - Monster Cake! This game has a unique story that draws players into the delicious world of burger making, sizzling onions and all, so much so that you will not stop until every last burger has been flipped!
Burger Shop 2 has a whole range of new features that include more levels to play, new characters, new awards, plus exciting twists and turns that will keep players occupied for hours.
You would think maybe of working in a grand restaurant that caters for lovers of haute cuisine, or would you? The pace is simply frantic but laugh you will as you play Rebecca the main character in this well thought out game who is opening a pizza restaurant in an old castle.
The game plays along at break neck speed with twists and turns plus thrills and spills that will make players reluctant to switch off until they have completed the tasks to the very end.
Players join Flo and our favourite sidekick, Granny, for a race around the kitchen as they work to cook up some great-tasting food for the good people of Diner town. Pizza Chef brings on the challenge of speed with its unique gameplay system and pizzas of all shapes and sizes –literally.
If you have been plying plenty of time management food games, you might think that you are ready for what this game will throw at you. With Namco's newest Android game Deluxe Cafe, we're unfortunately left with a rather stale experience with plenty of technical and design issues to boot.
A single stove can only cook one dish at a time, and these dishes must then be served on individual counters. If you don't want to waste your currency on it, you'll need to add 10 neighbors, but actually having real world friends that also play Deluxe Cafe is obviously not a guarantee. While you can technically add strangers as friends as well, the ability to do so is convoluted and arguably hidden, as you'll need to manually navigate through a set of in-game menus to first memorize the exact name of the player's cafe, only to type that in to send a request to that player that they may never see (because it too can get lost in menus). There's no way to skip the tutorial, or even close its windows, so you'll be forced to complete the tutorial tasks all over again until the developers at Namco can fix this game breaking bug (part of the tutorial asks you to serve a cake that's sitting on your stove, but if there is no cake on the stove, the game simply stops functioning). Even if the game's repeating tutorial issue is fixed, there are simply too many design oversights to forgive the experience altogether. Ah,you are the right place to play barbie cooking games,and this is a selection of Barbie cooking games pages only,you will enjoy it!
If you like playing time management games you will love playing Burger Shop 2, while with one hundred and twenty superb levels you will never be bored. Once again it is a super fast paced time management game that will have your brain buzzing as you fight against time to achieve your goal which is to own the best subway sandwich shop in the district. Its a twist on the usual cooking time management games but its a great twist as you will see.
Playing in six different locations that are restaurants themed, you will train in the art of food creation to make enough money to rebuild your restaurant. Fifty crazy levels are spread over five different kitchens, these levels challenge players to employ all of their skills from previous Diner town games, but now the new spin is that Flo is not only a waitress but she is also a chef!

Prepare to take on a non-stop barrage of orders as the game keeps you on your toes keeping those grills open for baking.
If you cook the same cake more than once, you unfortunately can't stack these servings onto the same counter, but must waste space purchasing and placing additional counters until you have enough to display everything you've prepared. Each item you add to the cake increases the cost of production, but you can manually choose how long you'd like to wait for the dish to cook, so long as you accept that a shorter cooking time results in less servings being available for your cafe. Regardless of how you unlock the ice cream menu, you'll end up cooking ice cream dishes on the stove, which makes little sense, but this added variety of dishes also adds to the amount of individual counters you'll need to place in your cafe. While quests tend to keep you pushing forward, you can run out of quests, which is unfortunate. If you're still willing to give the game a try, you can now download it for free on the Google Play store. No, Heidi our heroine decides she will open a burger restaurant to prove to all comers that even the plain old burger can be transformed into delicious mouth watering haute cuisine. Flo and Granny are thrown into the kitchen when the original chef of Flo’s Diner’s, Cookie, is asked to host his very own cooking show on television.
The idea seems simple enough: match icons on the screen and the blocks will turn into open grills that you can use for cooking orders. Bustle’s got plenty of challenges and plenty of stages to keep even the most hardened player on their toes. Furthermore, a cash register and hostess will stand in the corner of your restaurant, but they're completely motionless and do nothing else than take up space. Flo tells Cookie to go ahead and take an extended vacation to pursue this culinary fame that he so desires. But when you’re juggling between matching puzzle pieces with trying to fit in big orders and side dishes with the grills you have opened, the game turns into a busy kind of fun spiced up with neatly made graphics and an unbelievably groovy soundtrack.
The game brings well detailed graphics, some of the best animations we have seen and a very fitting soundtrack.
That is, guests will enter and immediately sit down, and any profits you earn from these guests will appear automatically above their heads.
Unfortunately for Flo, Cookie’s show takes off a bit better than expected and Flo finds herself behind the counter at three other restaurants in town as well when their respective chef’s are invited to guest star on Cookie’s show. But the first few stages will be all you have to enjoy the sights and sounds as the game will place you in the heat of the action quite early.
So, what was the point of cluttering up our bakeries even more with this cash register and hostess area?

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