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I, in return, would give you a dog crate for free We've got a new induction cooktop and also found out that much of my cookware wasn't suitable. Almost sounds like you cooking in a British style in a wok Mushrooms, for example, don't stay white when you stir fry them. Almost sounds like you cooking in a British style in a wok I assumed that the wok was suitable for stir fry and it doesn't get hot enough. Sorry to hijack this thread, but just wanted to say that I bought a set of Circulon Infinite pots and pans and have been really pleased with the quality. I ordered them from Amazon -- they won't deliver them to Switzerland, but they'll deliver them within the EU. I cook everyday with a wok and whilst of course mushrooms do go brown when cooked they are not vegetables.
The other stuff that I like is le cruset we just bought a tagine which is wonderful, and the bottom goes into the dishwasher, but it's just as easy to hand wash. We bought most of our pieces from the knife merchant in california, and they did ship to Switzerland. Most woks IMO have at least a 8-10 cm base that will sit on the hob and will work fine but if the wok was designed for gas then it can be much smaller. Even temperature The magnetic material within the cookware heats homogeneously, so heat spreads to the food evenly and regularly with no hot spots. Heat saving All the energy produced goes directly into the pot with no dispersion, and when removing the pan the device switches to standby mode automatically with no further, useless release of heat saving money and the environment.
Stylish design The surface is entirely covered with ceramic glass, which makes this cooking device an incomparable luxury home decoration to display proudly in your kitchen. An induction energy coil placed directly beneath the ceramic glass surface generates a magnetic field. When the pot is removed from the induction plate it automatically cools: thus, you can easily control the food being heated along with the whole cooking process. Induction is a method of cooking using electromagnetic energy that turns a pan (like an Infinite Circulon pan) into the heat source.

Because it does not contain any magnetic material, the cooktop’s surface is not affected by the induction process. Instant Temperature Changes – Heat levels can be more accurately controlled versus gas or other cooking applications. Safe Cook Top – Surface stays cool to the touch making it safer for children and the disabled.
Energy Saving – Energy is transferred directly to the pan by the magnetic field so very little heat is wasted. Yes, induction stovetops, like Infinite Circulon’s Induction Cooker, are faster because the technology is direct and much more efficient.
Induction technology has been in existence for more than 30 years and is widely used in Europe and Japan. All cooking products need to be properly ventilated because the foods being prepared with them can create grease-laden vapors and smoke.
Induction stoves are not as widely availabe as gas or electric and prices can be much higher than traditional cooktops. Induction cooktops are completely safe and have many built-in features to prevent overheating and burning.
Doolittle I bought a few new items, and looking at the price of the cookware on the Coop promotion, it really is on the expensive side. I am temporarily using the wok I bought at Ikea which is not bad except it does not come with a cover. The sauces make from what is in the cupboard - soy, oyster, rice wine, sugar, stock with fresh ginger and garlic. You can also preset the cooking time so the device  stops automatically, ensuring food never burns! Instead of heating the area under a pan like a traditional gas or electric burner, induction cooktops heat the pan directly. However, induction cooking products require far less ventilation than gas or electric cooktops because they don’t give off excess heat or gas emissions.

As induction gains in acceptance, more manufactures are offering induction cooktop options which are making the technology more affordable. For example, the coil will only produce energy when a pan, usually with a minimum diameter of 4 inches, is detected on the burner. Because excess heat is not lost to the air around a pan, more of the energy used in the cooking process goes straight to the pan.
I feed 3 people for the price of one take out dish and there's always left overs for lunch the next day.
Burners shut off automatically when a pan is removed or if a pot’s contents boil over. Otherwise go to Ikea, a lot of the cookware there will work on induction and the quality is pretty good. I have three separate woks including the mother of all woks which is a cast iron wok in the style of le creusot and even that, will get hot enough if I leave it on the induction to warm up.
The coils are connected to an electronic power source that when activated generate a magnetic field.
Additionally, risk of accidental burning is greatly reduced because there is no open flame and neither the surrounding cooktop nor the burner stay hot enough to cause burns.
This is nice during Thanksgiving and Christmas when we are preparing a lot of different items for our guest. When a pan like Infinite Circulon with a magnetized base is placed on the burner, the oscillating magnetic field causes the electrons in the bottom of the pan to move back and forth rapidly.

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