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A specialist Cook would be usually be a man: in Old English the word for Cook is a male word. Where it was naturally available coal might be used as fuel and charcoal was certainly produced, but fire wood was by far the most commonly consumed fuel. Sometimes heated stones were dropped in pots of water to boil it as a prelude to boiling food.
Larger brick ovens would often have been located in separate buildings and burnt wood faggots.A  Sometimes they would consist of a chamber for fire with flues to carry hot air to another chamber where the food was cooked. For unleavened bread, flat bread and round cakes this was prepared by mixing meal (ground barley, wheat etc) with salt.
Alternatively, you could cover the bread with an upturned pot and then pile the hot embers ash on top.

Do you mean more info about Anglo Saxon cookery (in which case Ann Hagen’s book is recommended. Clay pots were used but soapstone was popular as it was tough and easier to clean than other crockery. Yeast could obtained from the dregs that remained after brewing ale a€“ or even some forms of mould. Wood would be burnt in one chamber and the bread cooked in the adjacent chamber, which was heated by hot air from the other. Dependant on what was easily available; the hearth was lined with clay tiles or stones and was heart of each house. I guess Regia Anglorum (Anglo Saxon reenactors) might have a source OR try some plans like the West Stow Saxon vilage.

Smoke would escape through a hole in the roof or just be filtrating out through the thatch.
This bread would be blackened and discoloured so you would have to cut or break off the crust.

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