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Here’s a guide of several kinds of cooking pans, from the famous ones to a few lesser-known varieties, including their proper uses, so that you can appropriately stock your kitchen with the pots and pans best suited to your needs.
This is somewhat similar to a casserole pan, but frequently with a rounded, bowl-like bottom.
Learn perfect braising techniques in the Craftsy course Secrets of Slow Cooking: Mastering the Braise. You may be thinking that a Dutch oven resembles a casserole pan, but if you were to lift both of them, you’d feel the difference immediately. A large, wide surfaced pan with very shallow (and sometimes no) sides, which is heated for griddling or grilling.
A pan that can range from small to large, but is typically round and quite deep relative to its width. This versatile pan has many uses, including heating liquids, melting butter and cooking pasta. A saucier is similar to a saucepan, but is characterized by its slightly shallower walls and rounded, bowl-like shape. A wok can be employed for a number of different cooking techniques, including steaming (often in with a bamboo steamer), stir frying and roasting. The aforementioned slanted sides make this type of pan ideal for stir-frying, allowing a spoon to slip in to stir the ingredients with ease.
Traditionally, to make stock or broth; however, this versatile pot can be used for anything from cooking pasta to popping corn.

The straight sides will prevent the food and liquids from spilling onto the stove and the lid will ensure that the liquid does not evaporate too fast. A saute pan is an integral part of a properly equipped kitchen and if you don’t have one, it might be a good idea to start shopping around for one. Just as a painter needs different types of brushes, a cook needs different types of cooking pans.
Braising requires less liquid than, say, stewing, so the shallower sides allow meats and vegetables to cook with the steam from the liquid rather than through being completely submerged and simmered in liquids. It can be used for many types of cooking, from stovetop cooking to baking in the oven to even deep frying. A griddle pan can have a flat bottom or a ridged bottom; a grill pan will typically have a ridged bottom, to mimic the look and function of an outdoor grill.
Sometimes, it will include a rack that fits snugly inside of the pan, which can elevate the roast so that it is suspended above the pan.
The rack allows the meat to sit above the pan, so that the drippings can be caught in the pan and either used, for gravy for instance, or discarded. Chances are, if you have emptied a can of soup into a pan, this is the one you’d reach for. The rounded sides make it easier to stir sauces using a spoon or whisk and avoid scorching. The straight sides make it less likely that you’ll accidentally slosh or spatter liquids, such as olive oil, over the sides.

A wide top with a flat bottom and tall-ish sides that rise straight, leaving the pot with a mouth that is the same size as the bottom. Unlike regular skillets which have low flared sides, a saute pan is a wide skillet that has straight sides and a lid.
Although nonstick is not my favorite cooking surface except for cooking eggs and pancakes, I recommend the Calphalon nonstick saute pan. The primary materials used to make cooking pans are aluminum, cast iron, copper and stainless steel. Casserole pans may be square, rectangle or rounded, but will typically have straight or only slightly tapered sides. One fantastic use for a wok is making dumplings, an art which you can learn and perfect in Craftsy course Favorite Asian Dumplings from Scratch. Any experienced cook will tell you that browning is the basis of most sauces because it is in the browning that flavors are developed. This French cooking technique (sauter) consists of frying or browning meat that is cut into pieces, such as chicken thighs for instance, then cooking or braising them in a flavored liquid.
Since the food is cut into pieces (no whole chickens or roasts) and the method of cooking which is usually braising, the dishes cooked in these pans tend to take less time than other methods.

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