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Put all the ingredients except the oil in a blender and blitz till everything is very finely chopped. Heat a centimetre or two of oil in a saucepan then deep fry the anchovies till dark brown and crispy. The diners should take some chili sauce (I like a heaped teaspoon, this is quite warm) then quickly stir everything together, breaking the egg and mixing everything into a sauce that coats the noodles.
Su-Lin - I was really pleased with the result, far more authentic tasting than I thought it would be.

Loh mee is noodles with gravy with soy stewed pork and other things like prawn, fish paste slices etc. A traditional favourite of Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, our mild and authentic recipe uses all natural ingredients.
The gravy is usually made with the meat stewing juice and fish stock lightly thickened with conflour and beaten egg. Of the one I know the gravy is much darker than the one you had and good ones are not that gloopy.

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