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Recognized by the American Dietetics Association and American Heart Association for its good-to-bad fat ratio and beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, canola oil is derived from a specially cultivated version of rapeseed. Coconut oil is often called a tropical oil and is extracted from the brown meat of a coconut. Extracted from the fruit of the olive tree , olive oil is much-loved for its proven cardio-protective benefits.
Peanut Oil Peanut oil, popular in Asian cooking, is noted to have the slight aroma of peanuts (which makes sense since it is derived from the same peanuts many people like to snack on).
Induction ranges meet these needs by providing fast, safe, and efficient energy transfer to the cooking utensil.
Induction ranges generate a high frequency, alternating current magnetic field to heat an iron-based cooking pan through a ceramic-glass cooking surface.
EPRI's report provides a summary of the laboratory and field tests, as well as user comments on the system's performance. The Luxine induction range demonstrated substantial improvements in cooking performance, including the speed of cooking, sensitive low- and high-power control, rapid response to adjustments, and a cool cooking surface. The induction range has intelligent controls that enable it to shut down when the top plate exceeds pre-set temperature limits, and can be programmed to boil, simmer, and turn off after pre-programmed time intervals.
With induction ranges, all the energy goes into the pan through direct energy transfer of electricity through a magnetic field to the cooking pan.
The Luxine Powerâ„¢ technology is now available in several product lines produced for four major equipment manufacturers on a private label basis in the commercial cooking equipment market, according to Nick Bassill, Luxine's chief executive officer. While others talk about the known innovation problem, The Innovation Solution offers a well researched, logical and holistic understanding of the innovation process, taught for many years at several colleges and Universities. Check out the March 2016 edition of Appliance Design magazine and read about next-generation connectors, disc magnet motors, new products and more! Most research shows that, if used in moderation, oil, butter and margarine aren't completely unfriendly towards most diets. Both oils are derived from oilseed sunflower seeds—which differ from the non-oilseed or confectionary sunflower seeds used in snacks and baked goods.
Due to its high saturated fat content (close to 90%), this oil remains controversial in the United States since consumption of saturated fatty acids have been linked to high levels of LDL cholesterol.
A new residential and commercial electric kitchen range that uses magnetic induction to provide superior cooking performance at record energy efficiency has been developed by a California company.A new residential and commercial electric kitchen range that uses magnetic induction to provide superior cooking performance at record energy efficiency has been developed by a California company with support from the Electric Power Research Institute, Palo Alto, Calif.

Luxine imported the first commercial induction ranges into North America, but the reliability and affordability of early units needed improvement and, in 1997, the company began development of a new generation of power electronics for a more reliable, high performance induction range. Induction ranges are superior performers for countertop and built-in ranges, as well as for display cooking, pasta stations, breakfast bars, and buffet lines.
Tests for boiling times, efficiency, and production capacity were based on heating a standard amount of water, which was shown to have the same properties as soups and stocks. Commercial kitchen field test participants reported that the Luxine induction ranges increased cooking productivity and helped keep their kitchens cooler. Field tests conducted with the Luxine induction range showed that users were impressed with the ease of use, control, even heat, and rapid heat-up of the unit. Results of laboratory and field tests sponsored by EPRI and Southern Company Services of the performance and user acceptance of the induction range were published in a EPRI report. The use of induction technology is also anticipated for griddles, fryers, steamers, and other equipment. As with a magnet, the energy transfer to the pan is instantaneous and can be controlled easily.Fig. A 12-inch steel plate was heated to determine temperature response and uniformity information.
The sensitive low-end power control, combined with smooth power adjustment, enabled commercial chefs to easily melt chocolates, heat milk, and make sauces; many such features cannot be duplicated with standard gas or electric resistance cooking. Some concerns were expressed regarding the need to use ferrous cookware with the induction unit.Photo 2.
A large assortment of pans was tested to show the effect of the pans with the cooking system. Luxine induction range in commercial cooking equipment."The Luxine Power technology is the first to be offered with a two-year warranty and the Luxine Power logo or designation ensures the end user of maximum energy efficiency, performance, and long-term reliability-critical features for the successful commercialization of this technology.
Commercial restaurant operators are seeking cooking equipment that is faster, more energy efficient, and cooler to operate in their kitchens, while residential customers want faster, safer, and easier-to-clean equipment that is very responsive to controls.
It is expected that data from the tests will provide the needed background information for developing educational and promotional materials related to the operation and marketability of electric induction ranges.Photo 3.
The Luxine unit, on the right, demonstrated superior low-end power control over a competitor’s induction unit, while trying to hold chocolate in a melted state without burning. Luxine, Inc., is looking to work further with EPRI and electric utilities to educate and promote the Luxine Power brand in induction ranges and the application of Luxine's technology to new appliances," he adds.

Luxine convertible range can be employed as either a countertop or drop-in unit.Test results In comparative performance tests of several gas, electric, and induction ranges, the Luxine induction range had the fastest heat-up time, the shortest cool-down time, and the highest cooking efficiency. Energy efficiency comparison for nine different types of heating elements, including the Luxine Power Induction range.Higher energy efficiency means more energy to the pan and less wasted heat radiated to the kitchen. When the magnetic field is absorbed by a ferrous material, such as a steel or iron pan, the magnetic energy is converted into heat. The Luxine unit had a energy efficiency of 92 percent, compared to 72 percent for the radiant electric range, 47 percent for the residential gas range, and 30 percent for the commercial gas range. This means cooler kitchens and less ventilation, which means less noise and expense for commercial kitchens and consumers, as well as less turnover of labor due to a more comfortable work environment. The heat is induced directly into cooking utensil, avoiding the need for heat to be conducted through any intervening material, resulting in a more efficient use of energy and a cooler cooking surfaceCookware that is somewhat smaller or larger than the induction coil will still draw energy from the cooking range. After about 15 min., the chocolate started to harden and dry on the Brand B unit (on the left in Photo 2), but after 20 min. Because the energy transfer is through the ceramic top, the cooking surface stays cool, while efficiency is very high-92 percent, including the energy to heat the pan; the actual cooking efficiency is 95 percent.
2.EPRI perspective "Based on the laboratory and field tests, the Luxine induction range is ready for wide-scale commercialization with major manufacturing partners," says Robert Graham, manager for EPRI's Electric Transportation, Energy Efficiency, and Industrial Technology program area. Luxine is presently engaged in development efforts with several manufacturers; market introduction of the new induction range is underway in the commercial market and is expected in the near future in the residential market, Graham adds.
1.Study approach For the laboratory and field tests to demonstrate and validate the performance of the Luxine induction range in both commercial and residential applications, investigators from Luxine and EPRIsolutions subsidiary Global Energy Partners performed comparative laboratory tests of gas, standard electric, radiant electric, and induction cooking ranges.
Energy that does not go into the food is wasted, mainly radiant, energy that heats up the kitchen and consequently requires air conditioning and additional ventilation.
The tests were designed to quantify the performance of the different ranges under closely-controlled conditions. The Luxine induction range was then field-tested in five residences and seven commercial restaurants, and users were given a questionnaire to complete regarding their experience with the Luxine induction range, and their perceptions of the unit's future.

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