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16.07.2015 admin is largest online food and grocery store with over 3000 products and over a 100 brands in our catalogue at your doorstep. The Oil Wand by Chefa€™n makes adding the perfect amount of cooking oil to your pan or food easy.
A versatile favourite - pair with our strawberry balsamic for a mouth-watering summer dressing.
The perfect gift for the truffles lover, and the ideal ingredient for the gourmet chef, white truffle oil is a genial way to add a little luxury to your cuisine.

Overall, an emulsified vinaigrette will coat your salad better and keep it fresher when dressed; it will also keep longer on its own, in a jar in the fridge. Right from Rice and Dals, Spices and Seasonings to Packaged products, Beverages, Personal care products, a€“ we have it all. Replace in any recipe that calls for oil in order to infuse a subtle rustic flavor to your dishes. The bristle end of the Oil Wand twists off and can be filled with up to 5 oz of your favorite cooking oil.

An emulsion is a homogenous mixture of two or more liquids that normally cannot be blended.

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