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Josh Ozersky writes about food for TIME, The Wall Street Journal, Food and Wine, and Esquire. This cookbook is on my list to purchase this year, it’s said to be their most thorough revision and includes over 1500 recipes!  I am not sure about you but that will take me a while to cook my way through! This cookbook also features ideas and information on freezer cooking, which I most certainly love! Disclosure:  This was not a sponsored post, just my thoughts on this cookbook and that I would like to add it to my collection. Our NPBC cookbooks have arrived, and they make a wonderful gifts for relatives, neighbors and friends.
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One of the most special gifts we received for our wedding was a handmade cookbook my sister-in-law made us for a shower.
He is the author of The Hamburger: A History and is a recipient of a James Beard Award for food writing. Of course, Betty Crocker has been around for years so I am certain perfection goes along with the name. I am a work at home mom, who started this site from my hatred to cook and my desire to learn to love it. She had each guest send her their favourite recipe, which she then scrapbooked into a collection for me.

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