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Clay pot cooking is a versatile and gentle method that utilizes the slow heat transfer of ceramic vessels and the unique flavors of an open fire. A small sampling from the global clay pot tradition, including examples from Turkey, Italy, Vietnam, England, and Thailand.
Clay pots have been gently settled in hearths for many generations, containing countless, varied recipes from diverse cultures.
I do use glazed clay pots that I've made, and I have a friend who makes stove-top safe, unglazed pottery. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. When it comes to food, technological advances don’t always yield better flavor, and there are many recipes to enjoy from methods including clay pot cooking. In Cooking with Fire, Paula Marcoux (Storey Publishing, 2014) shares the rich history and cultural context of open-fire cooking, with tips and best practices along the way.

While it might be safe at first, even the tiniest of scratches can compromise the safety of the glaze. Neolithic potters at Tell Sabi Abyad in Northern Syria, for example, used several strategies to increase the usefulness and lifespan of their wares. They selected clay types that were especially suited to the rigors of the hearth; isotope analysis shows that the clay for their best cooking pots was imported from a region over a hundred miles away.
They tempered the clay with minerals or crushed pottery, now a time honored method for conferring resistance to heat-shock on cooking pots; then, cutting-edge technology.
In building the pots, they strove for even wall thickness and smoothly arced forms, both helpful in creating resistance to thermal shock; they added lug handles to give the cook something to grab.
The artisans enhanced the naturally low porosity of their special clay by burnishing, intentionally smoothing the surfaces of the cooking pots before firing them, improving their cooking and storage qualities. In short, to a startling degree, some of the earliest known cooking pots were highly functional, and often beautiful, implements.
Today, potters are still making great cooking pots all over the globe, even though cooks now have many other choices.

I have acquired pots of all sorts on my travels and, although I’m fiercely protective of those from the remotest locations, I do use every one of them, whether in a hearth or in a wood-fired oven. And even here in the States, I never enter an ethnic market without inspecting the housewares aisle for a hidden pottery gem.
Use a fire shovel to rob a nice mix of the two and deposit it a few feet from the main fire.
If you are nervous about your clay pot’s durability, or if you are heating it for the very first time, make a thermal cushion by laying a second shovelful of ash over the first little pile of mixed ashes and coals. When the heating capacity of that coal bed begins to slacken, merely pick up the pot with a potholder or rag and set it aside — in a warm place!

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