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The Clay Clay has been traditionally used in Mexican cooking because the clay imparts a specific flavor to the foods that can't be reproduced in a metal pot.
Although Mexican peoples have been using these pots for centuries you should be aware that the glazes most commonly contain lead.
Always allow the pot to cool before you wash it or you may crack the glaze and spoil the pot. Rick Bayless mentions that some cooks suggest rubbing the unglazed pot exterior with a clove of garlic to eliminate some of the "earthy" taste.
Barbara Bowman graduated with degree in Foods and Nutrition from San Jose State University. You’ll see them in Asian markets, in a variety of sizes, often with metallic rings holding them together. Actually, clay pots are in use as a cooking utensil in a wide variety of countries around the world. But these should not be confused with true hot pot dishes, which are served in a  large metal chafing dish with a heat source and usually cooked at the table.
This kind of pot is not submerged in water.  Donabe represent a whole category of Japanese cooking and are covered in a separate article of their own. In Southeast Asia clay pot cooking may have reached its peak of popularity of dishes cooked with this piece of equipment.
Another method of curing a clay pot is to submerge an unglazed pot for 15 to20 minutes to absorb water before cooking. As the clay pot dish is cooked, the moisture in the pot is released as steam with the result that the ingredients being cooked are slowly braised in hot liquid and steam.
The metallic rings on clay pots help to support the pot structurally and also aid in diffusing heat.

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Pictured Above: Example of clay pot that some might consider good for food use, but in reality is only approved for decorative purposes. Don’t forget, long before metal pots were widely available, clay pots were the most common cooking pots available in households.
Most chefs know that ingredients and cookware are the main elements in a successful recipe. Cracking, chipping or breakage do occur with clay cookware, however, just remember that even the most expensive clayware is costs less than most stainless or aluminum cookware. As an added bonus, clay pots are biodegradable, making them a type of truly green cookware. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results.
As we mentioned above if you have an electric stove then you should use a diffuser or buy a small portable gas burner.
The FDA recommends that you never cook, OR store foods in these pots as foods can absorb the lead when exposed to lead in the glaze. This type of pot releases heat very slowly and therefore is very desireable for cooking things for long periods such as beans, soups, stews and sauces.
It is probably in Southeast Asia and parts of southern China that the clay pot has reached its highest and widest use.
The water is then discarded., filled with the food to be used and placed in the oven or over a low fire.
Melissa Guerra carries this bean pot in her San Antonio Mexican marketplace only, not available for sale on website.

Frankly, some consider them a bad investment, as clay cooking pots are fragile, can chip easily, and must be cured before using.
Metal pots are very heat efficient, and transfer heat very rapidly to whatever they are cooking.
Clay cookware provides incredibly texture, and better developed flavors to dishes that require long cooking times.
Personally, I have had the same Spanish bean pot for over 6 years, and even though it has a small chip, I use it at least once a week. If you have an electric stove then you should use a diffuser or buy a small portable gas burner. Our ancestors used clay pots as they were inexpensive, abundant in every community, and easily replaced if they broke. Experiment with making beans in a clay cooking pot, and you will discover why using a clay pot to cook beans is the artisan chef’s choice.
If you don't use your pot very often then you may want to use the "seasoning" process each time before use.
With the onset of the Industrial Age, metal pots eventually took the place of clay pots in modern kitchens, but many homes in non-industrialized communities throughout Latin America still use mainly clay pots.

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