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This Circulon Genesis 5 piece stainless steel cookware set features a unique circle surface and exceptional non stick which means that these pans will provide a lifetime of performance. The domed lid, polished pedal, and flared side handles give this step can a fun, retro look. I bought this for half price which is excellent value but I would not have bought it at the full price although I think it is going to last a very long time so maybe I am just being mean. This azure blue Essentials pyramid kettle will add some fun & excitement to your kitchen worktop.
We recently purchased this stylish pyramid kettle and are now concerned that water boiled in it has an unusual smell and taste. The latest non-stick cookware, performance pans, brilliant bakeware and great value baking sets…because nothing tastes better than homemade. The problem has been that no one seems to make good quality, heavy base pans from stainless steel and include a non-stick coating.

I bought these to replace the pans that came with my induction hob and the difference is amazing.
Fast boiling and holds that little extra water so ideal for filling husbands work flask in one go! We made two cups of tea using water boiled in a pan and the other with water boiled from the kettle and the tastes were very different when they should be the same. Until now that is; I have used Meyer pans previously on occasions so am familiar with them as robust and sturdy, quality pans.
They're quite heavy, which is a good thing and I do use metal spoons in them which hasn't affected the insides. The lid is also pretty stiff to get off which isn't great if you want to refil it straight after boiling it as your hand is over the steam. Not even sure how they can value them at over A?200!!The handles on the lids heat up quite a lot so beware.

This set appear to continue that quality tradition and I shall look forward to years of reliable use.
Also found that as you pour the water, the steam travels underneath the kettle and burns your arm. I am a little impatient and pour it immediately after it boils so I guess this could be prevented.
But when I want a cup of tea I don't hang around.Husband also didn't like so, to risk him going on tea making strike it had to go back.I am disappointed as it looked fabulous in our kitchen!

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