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Please click here for a selection of our latest reviews from customers via feefo the independent service ratings expert. Circulon brings cooking into the 21st century with this range of hard-anodized non-stick cookware that is specially designed for Induction Cookers. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Circulon's red Aluminium range which accentuates the exceptional non-stick performance and incredible durability of its TOTAL® Non-Stick system. This 20cm chef's pan is made from aluminium which ensures heat is distributed evenly and also makes it compatible with all heat sources, including induction. Aluminium ensures perfect heat distribution and exteriors provide easy cleaning convenience. The unique hi-low wave technology reduces abrasion and improves the durability of the non-stick without trapping food. Versatility in abundance, this Circulon hard anodized 2 in 1 chefs and egg poaching pan is perfect for those looking for well designed kitchen storage solutions, as well as the ability to create a multitude of dishes.
Like all Circulon cookware, the main body of this pan features our state of the art raised circle interior allowing for the reduction in abrasion from cooking utensils and proven to enhance non-stick performance. Featuring a lifetime customer satisfaction guarantee, you know Circulon cookware is quality you can trust. Chocolate is not a color commonly used in cookware, so once you see it on this top rated cookware, it’s definitely going to be an eye-catching conversation piece. Most non-stick cookware require plastic or wood cooking utensils, so that the cooking surface won’t be damaged.

All kinds of stoves, including induction, are possible to use because of the stainless steel base.
Handles don’t get hot and are safe to handle because they’re made of silicone and stainless steel. The small indentation at the end of the handles can fill with water when placed in the dishwasher, and when lifting out, it could pour the water on the other already clean and dried dishes. When shopping for cookware, it’s always good to read and compare what others are saying about the product. In particular, shoppers like the way that it can cook ground meat without the use of cooking spray. Compared to other cookware in the same category, most people find the quick and even heating provided by this heavy gauge hard-anodized cookware to be a timesaver as well as a big help in making sure that food gets cooked evenly.
Should You Buy the Circulon Premier Professional 13-piece Hard-anodized Cookware Set Chocolate Stainless Steel Base?
This best rated stainless steel cookware would be a good buy for you should you be the type who enjoys innovation in design and durability and reliability in construction. The 13-piece cookware is also hard to beat for being handy when it comes to creating culinary delights of different kinds, from sauces to soups, to sauteed meats and vegetables, grilled cheese sandwiches. The unique grooves coupled with this exceptional nonstick means your pans will provide a lifetime of performance – guaranteed.
Unique circle surface coupled with exceptional non-stick means your pans will provide a lifetime of performance. This Origins 16cm saucepan has been fabricated utilizing heavy gauge hard anodized construction, ensuring this cookware is exceptionally durable and distributes heat evenly, allowing for superior cooking performance.

Origins unique surface of raised circles allows for reduced abrasion for durable performance that's easy to clean. Circulon Premier Professional responds instantaneously to any heat setting to give you greater control over your cooking. The aluminium range has a choice of attractive red or black exteriors with matching soft-touch handles which stay cool during cooking. The egg poaching insert has been constructed from high quality aluminium and incorporates a superior non-stick coating, ensuring your eggs release effortlessly from pan to plate. But it’s not only its color that unique and appealing about the Circulon Premier Professional 13-piece Hard-anodized Cookware Set Chocolate Stainless Steel Base set.
You can look inside your cookware to see what’s cooking, without having to lift the cover, avoiding moisture and flavor loss. This set has garnered high cookware ratings, and that’s because plenty who have bought it are very satisfied with its performance. Circulon Premier Professional features the TOTAL Food Release System of circles for extraordinary food release with exceptional durability that reduces surface abrasion. This Circulon Origins 16cm saucepan features a shatter resistant glass lid for see-through cooking convenience, is dishwasher safe and is suitable for all cooker types including induction. Circulon’s TOTAL® Hi-low relaxed wave technology combined with the most advanced non-stick formula not only gives a high resistance to abrasion but requires very little or no oil, making for healthier cooking.

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