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Pataks Butter Chicken Sauce is a rich, creamy tomato and butter sauce, flavoured with fenugreek leaf and a hint of cardamom. Ingredients: water, onion, cream, tomato, unsalted butter, vegetable oil, sugar, concentrated tomato puree, modified maize starch, spices [contains mustard], garlic, ginger, salt, natural smoked paprika, cardamom, lactic acid, dried fenugreek leaf, paprika extract, citric acid. Seems the weather last year helped to up the number of shouts for our worthy friends aboard the Ivan Ellen and other lifeboats boats up and down the South West's coastline.
When it comes to animal welfare and the Brits, anything vaguely furry, fluffy or feathery comes out on top.
If you are a fan of traditional working boats, get to Falmouth this Saturday as there is a showing of the film telling the story of the Barnabus and her restoration project under the auspices of the Cornwall Maritime Trust.
Roger Taylor, ex-Truro School, Queen's drumming legend and long-time resident of the now infamous Helford Village has voiced his support for the proposed new jetty. Back in Newlyn's recent creative past, ware from a local pottery became popular with tourists visiting the area.

For all those lovers of Chinese food - tonight's the night many Chinese restaurants celebrate their New Year with a feast (almost certainly, you'll never eat it all!). Falmouth's all-weather boat was called out 104 times while the Ivan Ellen's shouts were 23 more than the previous year. This week a young gannet aftre being rescued by the Navy made the journey from ship off Scotland (HMS Gannet of course) to shore and then via helicopter to RNAS Culdrose before being ferried to the bird sanctuary at Mousehole for some serious R&R. The Troika pottery produced earthenware pots in a distinctive style very much of the day 1970s (you either loved it or were only too glad when the vase someone bought you was knocked off the shelf by the cat and smashed). She was one of the original ex-admiralty MFVs that arrived in Newlyn after the war for Stevenson's along with the Jacqueline and the Efficient. This is the year of the ox.If you are in the Penzance area why not take advantage of Chan's Oriental Foods shop just off the top of Causewayhead in Penzance?
When the company ceased trading the moulds were not destroyed, instead they ended up in a garden shed 'up North'.

Owner Steve Chan used to run the Dynasty restaurant on the Helston Road - these days he can be found in his new food shop which offers just about everything oriental in the way of food and cooking supplies - and they will order in if needed.
But now there are concerns amongst collectors that the market is seeing a growing number of fakes available on the auction site Ebay - see the full story here. Steve also gives one-to-one cooking lessons to enlighten you on the secrets of Chinese cooking and food preparation - give him or his wife Ket a call on 01736 350455 or 07816 456534 for more details - if all else fails, they will cater for your own Chinese Dinner Party at home!

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