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Originally rom Austin, Texas, Chantal was a big fan of America’s Next Top Model even before she was on the reality model search. Entering the reality series when she was nineteen years old, Chantal made it a point to do her best once she was named as one of the final thirteen to compete in America’s Next Top Model Cycle 9. See photo above … she still does not know how to stand out in a crowd or own the photo shoot. Chantal was my favorite since the beginning, despites her regular looks, she’s bubbly and likeable.
Saleisha shouldn’t have even been on the show since she was already a professional model before ANTM. I think that Chantal is absolutley beautiful and thought that she would beat Saleisha and win the title in the competition. I agree that she may not have been the most unique or memorable runner up ever, but, I would have chosen her over Saleisha any day.

In fact, she began watching in during its first two seasons, but was too busy to catch up with the succeeding cycles.
You’re the closest thing to Barbie I have ever seen and I rooted for you from the beginning!! I can not believe you did not win cycle 9, your were out of all the cycle 9 girls the one to truley beat! Victoria may not have wanted it as much but having a brain gets you much farther in life than just wanting to be a brain dead barbie doll who takes beautiful pictures. However, she tried out for the first time for Cycle 9, and was lucky enough to be called back. I knew you’d get far and its so great to see you’ve made such a great career out of this competition!!!!!!
Your a wonderful model and I hope to see more of you and your excellent photogenic photos you take.

Chantal recalled that it was one of her friends who convinced her to be on the show, thus she drove to Dallas, Texas, to attend an open casting call and eventually landed a spot in the final thirteen. She was then criticized for her inability to apply what the photographer and art director told her. In the final episode, Chantal was commended for exuding a high-fashion appeal, but was not named America’s Next Top Model, as she only came in as a runner-up to Saleisha Stowers.

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