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This versatile 9-piece Chantal Cookware Set has everything you need to prepare your favorite gourmet meals. Chantal's Copper Fusion Cookware is suited for use in the oven, on gas, electric, glass-top, halogen and induction stove-tops. Experience professional-grade performance in your kitchen with Chantal Copper Fusion cookware. Warning: Do not over heat the pan - Over heating will result in the loss of the non-stick qualities!
Chantal's Copper Fusion Cookware is suited for use in the oven, on gas, electric, glass-top, halogen, and induction stove-tops. Shipping charges are calculated based upon the weight of the merchandise and shipping destination. Most items are shipped from our warehouse by UPS or USPS to arrive within 5 - 10 business days of our receiving your order. A tracking number for UPS or USPS will be sent via e-mail once your order has been shipped.
Specializing in green products for the home, Eco-Friendly Cookware carries everything you'll need to have a safe, stylish and environmentally friendly kitchen.
Known for quality cookware in patented designs, Chantal continues to please professional chefs and home cooks alike with revolutionary cookware. The Copper Fusion collection combines the heat conductivity of copper with the health benefits of natural non-stick, top-quality enamel. At Eco-Friendly Cookware we offer a full range of chemical free and environmentally friendly Fry Pans sure to fit any kitchen's style and needs. A beautiful addition to any Eco-Friendly Kitchen, the Chef Eco-Logic green Ceramic Coated Frying Pan uses worldwide exclusive eco-technology with its innovative non stick ceramic coating. This beautiful Ceramic Non Stick Fry Pan is part of the Beka Chef Eco-Logic line that is a winner of the 2009 Design Plus Award for green pans.

The Copper Fusion Non-Stick Fry Pan combines the heat conductivity of copper with the health benefits of natural non-stick, top-quality enamel. Resistant to rust, chipping and cracking, this durable Graphite Grey Cast Iron Fry Pan will be passed down from generation to generation. One of our best sellers, this beautiful Grenadine Cast Iron Fry Pan from Staub can tackle a multitude of cooking tasks. Perfect for every day use, this beautiful Dark Blue Cast Iron Fry Pan will be the workhorse in your Eco-Friendly Kitchen. Enjoy this quality Cast Iron Fry Pan that features a unique honeycomb base that has computer-designed dimples, which guarantees optimum contact to prevent food from sticking. Known for it’s natural non-stick qualities, this durable Cast Iron Fry Pan distributes heat evenly and will not chip or scratch. You will enjoy this beautiful Copper and Stainless Steel Fry Pan with a Cast Iron Handle by Mauviel. Engineered in Germany, it uses an innovative technology known as copper fusion that combines the excellent heat distribution of copper with chemical free, non-stick resistant enamel. The innovative, German-made cookware features a copper plate fused into a carbon-steel core, which is then expertly layered between our durable and beautiful AA German enamel – a Chantal cookware exclusive. More than 15 years ago in 1991, Chantal became a charter member of the Houston corporate recycling council. Use these reward points to redeem Eco-Friendly Cookware Gift Cards for yourself, or as a gift item for family & friends. This non-stick cookware is safe to use with all utensils, including metal, and can go from stovetop to table, then directly into the refrigerator or freezer. Choose from non-stick Thermolon and Ceramic, sleek and durable Stainless Steel, beautiful Copper or innovative Copper Fusion.
Henckels, this environmentally friendly Fry Pan has a stainless steel exterior with a non stick Thermolon coated interior.

Perfect for tackling almost any kitchen task, this durable fry pan will last you a lifetime!
It comes with two saucepans with lids, stockpot with lid, Dutch oven with lid and a fry pan. Copper conducts heat beautifully, and our patented copper-fused technology yields cookware that heats quickly and evenly with no hotspots. Chantal Corporation is passionate about making products for healthy cooking without compromising the state of our planet's ecosystem. Valued for its versatility, this enamel non-stick saute pan is perfect for grilling, browning or sauteing. The tempered-glass lids allow for easy monitoring of cooking and our rivetless, stay-cool handles provide a seamless interior surface.
Whatever your style preference, you can be sure they are completely PFOA & PTFE free and are safe to cook with!
Valued for its versatility, this enamel Non-Stick Stock Pot is perfect for casseroles, soups, stocks or slow cooked stews.
It is ideal for those who want to minimize vitamin loss during cooking and thus preserving the maximum flavor and nutrients. Unlike aluminum or stainless, our enamel is naturally stick resistant and will not react with acidic or alkaline foods, so all your meals can be cooked and stored safely. By encouraging waste reduction and energy conservation, Chantal continues to reduce their carbon footprint every step of the way.

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