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Questions about non-stick cooking surfaces, including seasoned cast-iron, Teflon, and other non-stick coatings.
I am currently experimenting with a Oshawa diet #7 and I discovered that I can make these tasty flatbreads in my frying pan. I bought a stainless steel 12" skillet and when it arrived it has a Non stick coating on the inside.
Everyday I have to cook using some share kitchenware, and I came across some old non-sticky frying pan that have significant scratch marks on them. Cast iron, stainless steel, or anodized non-stick: which makes the resulting product taste best?
I find that each time I cook dougnuts, as I slide them off the tray into the oil pan, they deflate a fair bit, and sometimes crinkle up. Why did my sweet potato hash turn soggy when frying in a non-stick pan, and crispy in a cast iron? I was making a sweet potato hash for pizza topping the other night, and tried to fry the first batch in a non-stick pan.
There are a number of common cooking lore techniques which revolve around the idea of "pores" in the surface of a pan.

Purpose - I read somewhere (can't find the link again) that nonstick pans were purposefully designed to be used without oil. Tatung TICT-1502MU2 Portable Induction Cooktops When it comes to induction cooking, there are plenty of factors that can influence your buying decision. They have different designs and options, which is why it is worth taking a closer look at each one of them.Overview of Tatung TICT-1500W Single Burner Induction CooktopThis induction cooktop is suitable for all environments, both for personal and commercial use.
Other alternatives are not recommended by the manufacturer.It has a touch control panel that is easy to operate and a red power button.
Also, it comes with safety features that work thanks to incorporated sensors that prevent overheating.Its maximum power of 1500W can be used for any type of cooking. There are 6 temperature levels that range from very low to very high, as well as 6 timer settings that range from 10 minutes to 120 minutes. Both the temperature and timer can be set using + and – buttons, but the power cannot be controlled on this model.Its surface is made of ceramic glass and heats up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the element reaches that temperature it will shut-off instantly and can be readjusted by pressing the + and – buttons.It is easy to clean this induction cooker thanks to its glass surface. The manufacturer recommends users to clean slight stains using a soft cloth and tough stains with soft, moistened cloths and toothpaste or special cleaners.Overview of Tatung TICT-1502MU2By comparison with the preview product, this induction cooker is sleeker, more stylish and more comfortable to use.

The cooker’s default power is set at level 7 and it can be adjusted using the + and – buttons.Also, the default time of the time is set at 2 hours and can be adjusted the same way. Users can set a maximum cooking time of 3 hours.This product can only be used with induction-ready cookware that must have flat bottoms with a smaller diameter than 20 cm but not smaller than 12 cm. The first product is more affordable but at the same time it comes with higher temperatures although it has the same wattage.Also, the first product lacks a display but has red LEDs that light up whenever a new option is selected. They both have safety features and good ventilation.Although the second product looks better, its features are not more advanced than the first’s, which means that Tatung TICT-1500W offers better value for money. On the other hand, Tatung TICT-1500W targets buyers with a lower budget who are looking to get great safety and temperature features.Related Posts 0 Hamilton Beach 34102 Portable Induction Cooktop proposes you another way to learn how to cook! Tayama SM15-16A3 Induction Cooker + FREE Cooking Pot (Review) 0 RVers and campers are going to LOVE the new Tramontina portable induction cooktop kit 0 Todd English 1,300-Watt Electric Induction Burner teaches you how to cook fast, safe and easy!

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