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The non-stick coating is guaranteed for 3 years from the date of purchase, provided it is used as per the use and care instructions.
The inox parts of your Beka cookware are guaranteed for 25 years from the date of purchase, provided it is used as per the use and care instructions. Hi Melissa, I use Le Creuset that my mom got me for my birthday one year at Marshall’s. Hi, I like this bundt pan and do not like aluminum and non-stick coating but I worry about using old ceramics because of lead.
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The elegantly designed Scanpan Classic Grill Pan Nonstick Ceramic Titanium 27x27cm has excellent Greentek non-stick technology and guaranteed even heat distribution. Scanpan cookware uses patented ceramic titanium technology, combined with unique GreenTek coating resulting in an innovative, yet highly effective, non-stick coating. Promising successful cooking along with even heat distribution and rapid heating, resulting in less oil being required during cooking. The Grill pan has deep sides making it ideal for cooking larger cuts of meat or vegetables and getting that char grilled pattern. Made in Denmark from 100% recycled pressure cast aluminium which is hard wearing and will not warp or buckle. Scanpan titanium and GreenTek non-stick coating of scanpans is 100% PFOA and PFOS free and extremely hard wearing, meaning that metal utensils can be used on the grillpan.
This coating also provides maximum sustainability and perfect heat distribution as well as heating up rapidly. The scanpan Grill Pan?s aluminium body is superb at retaining heat, so cooking on a high heat is unnecessary with scanpans. Due to the unique non-stick coating layers, heat is distributed evenly, meaning that very little oil is required during cooking. Also, the non-stick coating creates very easy cleaning, so use of a dishwasher isn?t required; we recommend washing with warm, soapy water whilst the pan is still warm for best results. If you’re planning to convert a tub into a shower or just want to replace an old shower stall with an up to date unit you know the choices can be daunting.
Step 1 – Identify what shape of shower base will work best for your space – Although most people think shower pans are just square or rectangular – think again!

Step 2 – Choose your base material – Shower base materials provide a wide array of options and price points.
Fiberglass shower bases – The fiberglass base is the most common and is mass produced in common sizes (for example square sizes 48 x 48, 36 x 36 and rectangular sizes 60 x 32, 42 x 60, 48 x 60, 36 x 60 to name just a few) with consistent drain locations (either located on the right, left or center of the base). Acrylic shower pans – Acrylic bases, while more expensive than fiberglass, provide excellent color consistency and longevity (most are available in white and biscuit colors and other colors are available on a limited basis), can be purchased in more shapes than fiberglass and are warm to the touch. Extruded polystyrene base – This base uses extruded polystyrene material which is very durable, is available only in standard sizes but it need to be finished at the top with tile.
Mortar or mud set base – The mortar base is constructed by hand on the job site by a tile setter in most cases.
Solid surface or cultured marble bases – These bases provide a wide array of color choices (or even two tone option in the case of solid surface) and do not require a finishing material for the top. Expanded polystyrene base – These bases can be cost effectively customized with respect to shape, drain location, entry (either a step over curb or a barrier free entry are possible) and the curb can be easily shaped to fit the shower wall enclosure.
Step 3 – Select a shower enclosure and door system or go with a walk in option – To choose or not to choose a shower door….that is the question.
Learn more about shower base and enclosure options by visiting Cleveland Design & Remodeling (216-531-6085), Columbus Design and Remodeling (614-252-7294), or The Bath Doctor (513-742-6679) ( serving the Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and Dayton markets). President of Innovate Building Solutions a nationwide supplier and regional (Cleveland and Columbus) remodeling contractors.
Stainless steel is always used in combination with other metals, such as aluminium or copper, for ideal heat conduction.
A couple friends have asked me what I use, since I make bundt cakes a lot, and there are bundt cake recipes in my cookbooks. These days most people buy these inexpensive newer materials without realizing that aluminum and non-stick chemicals enter your food.
One was a beautiful blue color, and my friend got it for such a great price—probably less than a new unhealthy one from a store Just be sure when you find one on Ebay to check the seller’s rating and make sure they are reputable. I’ve been looking for a bundt pan for some time now but all the ones I could find where either non-stick (a no-no in my kitchen) or made of aluminium (also a no-no). I am probably going to sell it as I have never seen one before and I am a foodie, but am trying to avoid sweets. There are now curved, rounded, and angled bases capable of accommodating any type of space.

The advantages of these bases is they are cheap and available at stores like Home Depot and Lowes.
For this choice of base the longevity and waterproofing performance is totally dependent on the skills and care of the field installer.
Their disadvantage is they are quite heavy (in some cases they may be impossible to maneuver into a tight bathroom space) and can be costly. The main disadvantage is the system needs to be finished with tile or a river rock finished surface. Many people today would like to without a door and create a walk in shower but their space is not always large enough.
Please comment below or visit the Great Big Home and Garden Show in Clevelandfrom February 4th through 12th or comment below. If you’d like to learn more about the curved glass block wall visit or call Cleveland Glass Block (216-531-6363).
In general the square and rectangular designs will be the most cost effective but the special shapes can be critical to create a unique look or to fit in an odd space in a bath remodeling project. In general small corner shower stalls less than 4’ x 4’ are usually better suited for an enclosure system. I have a small, medium and large orange Le Creuset pot with lid (but they come in lots of colors). The smallest area for a walk in shower is generally 60” x 32” (this is the size of a standard tub) or larger. The disadvantage of this system is it’s long term performance is driven by the quality of the installer and since it takes a long time to complete labor costs can be high. Small sized walk in showers can be achieved using tempered curved and bent glass (a high cost, but cool looking option), or a curved glass block wall (a mid priced option) or a pivoting shower screen (also called a shower shield).

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