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Great for those heart warming stews and casseroles on a cold night, this oval casserole dish from Molten is manufactured from high quality cast iron to give an even heat distribution and brilliant heat retention properties, meaning it will stay hotter for longer. Cast iron cookware can be safely used on a wide variety of different hob types, including induction, gas and halogen.
Molten cast iron cookware is made by Kitchen Craft, established in 1850 and today one of the UK?s leading kitchenware and houseware companies, supplying nearly 3000 high-quality items to retailers at home and abroad.
If your delivery package weighs more than 5 Kg then we will contact you prior to despatch to confirm the total costs.
The Chasseur 20cm Cast Iron Round Casserole Dish is made from long lasting cast iron with an enamel coating.
An essential piece of equipment for any kitchen is a good cast iron casserole dish ? or maybe even more than one! Chasseur?s 20cm Cast Iron Casserole dish is ideal for cooking stews, vegetables, and all manner of dishes.
Rings on the underside of the lid provide a self-basting feature by collecting moisture and dripping it back onto the food.
Hand-crafted in the Ardennes region of France, each individual casserole is honed, polished, enamelled and finished using techniques passed down over 70 years. Chasseur cast iron cookware can be safely used on a wide variety of different hob types, including induction, gas and halogen. Although your cast iron cookware should last for many years with normal cleaning, using a specialised enamel cleaner for pots and pans can help extend its lifetime and keep it looking as good as new. First introduced to the UK in 1994, Chasseur cookware has been manufactured in the Ardennes region of France by skilled craftsmen for the last 70 years. Chasseur cast iron cookware is forged from a mould and polished, enamelled and finished by hand.
Orders can be collected from our store in Overton, Hampshire RG25 3EB,  7 days a a week (Saturday and Sunday or evenings by arrangement).
Delivery Highlands and Islands, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and Scilly IslesStandard Delivery: (3-5 working days). ReturnsYou can be assured that if for any reason you find the goods are unsuitable you may return them to us within 30 days for either a full refund of the cost of the goods or exchange. If the goods are damaged or defective when you receive them we will arrange for them to be returned to us and either replace them at our cost or provide a full refund including the original delivery charges as long as you notify us within 48hr of receiving the goods. Suitable with all types of cooker (including Ceramic hobs with care) follow manufacturer's instructions. My days off are full of experimenting with recipes, baking and generally making lots of mess, I like nothing more than cooking from scratch and seeing what happens.A few years ago I acquired 4 cast iron skillets - they are 11 inches in diameter and have two small handles on each side, the kind of things you'd get in a Tapas bar and have had copious abuse in my kitchen. He refused saying he would be humiliated to tell his friends he bought his wife a frying pan for Christmas, but he did buy the pan anyway and give it to me before Christmas. The inside of the product is lined with cream vitreous enamel that makes it impervious to odours flavours and stains. However, it is not suitable for microwave cooking.Cast iron cookware can be washed in the dishwasher, but we recommend washing by hand. Many of their original and trend-setting designs have won awards and critical acclaim within the trade.
Hand crafted in the Ardennes region of France, it?s an attractive piece of everyday cookware in colours that can complement any kitchen.
Chasseur offer a range of cast iron casseroles, both in different sizes and a selection of colours, so it?s easy to find a casserole that fits your needs and your kitchen?s design. Chasseur?s cast iron cookware comes with a 10 year guarantee, and the longevity of the products makes them a wise investment for both individual and family sized cooking.
The casseroles can also be used on numerous different types of hob, including electric, gas and induction as well as many older stoves. 40% of the materials used come from recycled material, yet still provide a superb level of heat retention and even distribution around the dish.

Their focus has always been on providing top quality enamelled cast iron cookware at the best possible value. The collection address will be on your invoice which is emailed to you at the time of placing your order. The lid is made from stoneware with the base being cast from iron and given a matt black enamel finish. Made in Sweden, this pan is not only of the highest quality but will certainly help any cook to produce a perfect pancake. I picked them up cheap from a friend who was getting rid of some excess kitchen wares from a former restaurant venture and I wouldn't have bought them otherwise due the price.
Although your cast iron cookware should last for many years with normal cleaning, using a specialised enamel cleaner for pots and pans can help extend its lifetime and keep it looking good.Please be aware that cast iron cookware can be heavy .
Chasseur?s cast iron casserole dishes feature a phenolic lid knob, which is oven proof up to 200°C, but the heat retention properties of cast iron cookware allow for cooking at a lower temperature than required for other types of cookware. Each dish is inspected at every stage of production to guarantee the best quality of product. Perfect for meals on a cold night or for entertaining, the cast iron will retain the heat and help evenly distribute the temperature throughout the dish to cook perfectly.
I'm glad I did, being cast iron they are very hard wearing - they will last a life time if treated right and they serve a wide range of jobs in the kitchen. I chose this particular pan because it was the largest one available for a reasonable price. Their foundry uses filtration systems to reduce pollution to the local environment, and the sand moulds are broken down after each moulding so the sand can be reused in new moulds. Tangines have been part of Morrocan cooking for hundreds of years, they work by the natural process of condensing which ensures your meal will never dry out and remain moist and tender. The cast iron dish generates heat, the rising steam condenses on the inner surface of the lid and returns back to the food. I also liked the slightly sloped bottom of the pan, and built in handle, and it is relatively thin iron.
I took particular note of the Lodge range - this was the make of the ones I owned and I knew they were good. If you are still uncertain regarding the benefits from cooking with a tagine please view the videos below. I found the size I wanted but disappointingly it was out of stock - so after another little look about I arrived at this, and for about ?20 it was within the price range I was ready to pay so snapped it up. It is not the most stylish of cookware, my husband finds it decidedly old fashioned, but then I like old fashioned. You could happily refer to this skillet as a frying pan, but you couldn't refer to a regular frying pan as a skillet.
No matter how badly you burn it, you can get wire wool and give it a good scrub and it will be as good as new. Skillets tend to by cast iron, one solid piece of metal, don't usually have non-stick surfaces and have low sides.
You don't need all those horrid plastic utensils that melt and bend, you can even cut directly in the pan. As far as I'm aware, there is no real definition but frying pans matching that description tend to be called skillets rather than 'cast iron frying pans'.
It scrubs out pretty easily, and even should you leave this damp for ages and allow rust to get a foothold, it's just a matter of getting the wire wool out again. They don't have to have long handles like frying pans are but do need some kind of handle to grab on so its not just a metal bowl. You kind of just to know something is a skillet - they look and feel heavy duty and have the character of a heavy duty cooking utensil. This is also true for other metals, but personally, I prefer to have extra iron in my foods which is beneficial as opposed to aluminium and Teflon flakes.

Another common characteristic of a skillet is they tend to be quite small, about 10-12 inches rather than the 14-17 of a regular frying pan, and this skillet fits right into that category at 11.5 inch. It might be small, but its heavy - that's one of the first things you notice and it feels robust too.
While I am not one to panic at every scare story, I am happy enough to choose an option I know is safe over a questionable one. Right after getting your hands on this you become aware its going to be something you're going to using for years to come.
The fact that this pan does not need replacing every year also makes it a more environmentally sound choice. I wanted one 11 inches for a specific reason and many will be put off that it seems quite small. Cast iron is also a perfect conductor of heat, heating far more evenly then most metals, even better than copper bottom in my opinion.
You're not going to be able to fix up a Spag Bol for a family of eight in this, but that's not what its for - so don't worry, 11.5 inches is more than enough for ample kitchen experimentation. This means food comes out a much more uniform level of done and even coloured, and just makes cooking much easier. And not just experimentation, you might even get a decent meal out of it.They fact it is cast iron has its pros and cons - firstly seasoning. The older skillets I have came pre-seasoned, so I was using them right away but this did not come seasoned so a little preparation was in order before I could use it. Simply just wipe the inside with olive or vegetable oil and stick in an oven, on full, for about an hour. After you have taken it out and let it cool it will be partially non-stick and ready to use, but the more you use it the more non-stick it will get. This first hour of prep is a small price to pay for something that actually gets more non-stick as you use it, rather than with say Teflon that will wear out over time.
One of the biggest pros about this pan, and the reason I got it that it can be used in the oven.
Do you ever fry sausages but fail to get a restaurant looking even cook, one side burnt and the other raw? Be warned that the smoke is pretty bad, you will need a window or door open.You let it cool and repeat the process with a new pan. If however it used often for simmering sauces or and water based dish instead of oil, it will need to be seasoned occasionally. So fry your burgers on each side on the hob in the pan, then stick the whole pan in the oven to let it cook through. That's just a perk of having such a pan, with some messing about you can get so much from this.
As its pretty small it can sit on the top shelf of an oven with other skillets - 3 of my older ones and this can all fit on the top shelf in my oven so I can have 4 different things cooking at once. Great for things like tapas or if you making something with lots of small components that need to go in the oven. You could even use this skillet to cook small lasagnas as well as fry sausages.Cooking a lasagna in something like this might seem odd, but that's exactly what I use my other skillets for. Due to their size you could make 4 small ones at once, ideal if you cooking for meat eaters and veggies.Being careful is essential with this, it will get crazy hot. The heat transfer well throughout the entire thing including the handle so if you grab that you'll end up cooking your hand instead. This heat transfer is great though, I often not only cook in this pan but also bring the pan to the table (make sure you put it down on something like a thick wooden chopping board or you'll ruin your table) as not only does it stay nice and hot its got a great rustic look - great if friends are round.

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