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Because it retains heat better than traditional cookware, it is ideal for slow-cooking foods to achieve tender and flavorful results.
Nonstick Dutch Oven is the perfect choice for soups, stews and pot roasted meats and poultry. The two inner layers of aluminum efficiently conduct heat, while the stainless steel outer layers create a beautiful, durable surface that is dishwasher safe.

The black enamel interior is also naturally stick resistant, allowing for easy cooking and cleanup, and provides healthier cooking since less oil and butter is used. The wide flat bottom is prefect for browning ingredients prior to adding liquids and seasonings.
Each piece of Simply Calphalon enamel cast iron cookware is carefully crafted, then coated with richly colored enamel to create its one-of-a-kind finish.

The lids feature self-basting spikes for continuous basting during the cooking process and comes in handy when braising meats.

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