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13 piece Bourgeat copper set includes the original 8 piece set and 5 other essentials, see detailed description below.
There are many types of copper cookware on the market, and Bourgeat Cookware is one of the brands that have come to really epitomize excellence when it comes to copper kitchenware. Beyond being the product of an established business, Bourgeat cookware is still a well-made, highly durable product. Bourgeat Copper Cookware also helps you cook delicate foods more perfectly, and it helps amateur chefs be more skilled at the culinary craft. Some shy away from copper cookware, however, despite how many positive points it offers due to some myths.
All in all an outstanding product, Bourgeat copper cookware sets a high mark for other copper kitchenware manufacturers. We want to offer you the best and most secure shopping experience and apologize for the inconvinience. You can also call us Toll Free at 1-877-877-5655 to talk to a friendly member of our sales team. Copper has been held in high esteem for years, on account of its wonderful cooking properties.
Food Service Warehouse began with an idea: to bring purchasing food service equipment online to make it accessible for a larger audience, and centralized warehouses for faster shipping.
This item is Brand New, unused, in its original packaging (where packaging is applicable) and includes the original manufacturer's warranty.

Once finished, the copper cookware just needs to be washed with soap and water to be ready for use again with food. For questions about Matfer Bourgeat, Copper, Frying Pan, 7.87", 034014, including stock levels, please type your question below and receive an answer via email. For questions about Matfer Bourgeat, Copper, Lid, 7.87", 365020, including stock levels, please type your question below and receive an answer via email. Arguably the world’s leading maker of premium kitchenware and culinary products, Matfer Bourgeat has been making kitchen and baking tools since 1814.
In 1814, copper and tinsmith Charles Trottier began his company, Trottier, in Paris’ central marketing district.
In the tradition of Charles Trottier, Bourgeat copper cookware is crafted in the same custom that combines the highest quality of craftsmanship with the best materials for a superior product.
The stainless interior looks attractive, but it is there for a good reason: simpler cleaning and maintenance. There are people that have said that copper kitchenware may not be safe or healthy, but that isn’t true.
Combining the optimum heat conductivity of copper with the easy clean properties of a stainless steel interior. Browse Happy is a way for you to find out what are the latest versions of the major browsers around.
Designed for professionals, Bourgeat Copper Cookware, and anything they produce, has been made based on their superior understanding of culinary cooking that has been gained by study and practice. Thanks to Bourgeat’s reputation, high quality, and the many features and benefits that copper cookware has to offer, many who are in the know consider copper cookware by Bourgeat to be an outstanding value at almost any price.

It can stay in nearly new conditions for years if the right care is taken, and scratches and signs of wear can be erased from these kettles with copper cleaning paste and a little bit of effort.
Easy to clean and care for, it is much harder to scratch or mar stainless than it is other metals.
Made of solid copper with stainless steel lining.For use on all stove tops except induction. If you would like to be contacted via telephone, please include your telephone number and name.
You can also learn about alternative browsers that may fit you even better than the one you are currently using.
An innovator in their field, Bourgeat strives to make the most durable products presently on the market. Creative and reliable, the business grew and published their first catalogue in 1835, gaining the company a reputation throughout all of France, and then later, throughout all of Europe. With cleaning and care, you can easily turn your Bourgeat cookware into an heirloom, passing on these top quality pieces to the next generation. Also, copper cools quickly, making it more difficult to burn your food or your hands once the heat is turned off; for those who are home chefs or just getting started with preparing high quality cuisine, the fact that these pans make it harder to burn food is a big benefit. Fast forward through history, as the business expands and subsidiaries spring up globally, and we finally have the Matfer-Bourgeat group in 2002, a leader in manufacturing for the culinary industry.

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