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In tiny dorm rooms split shared with a roommate—sometimes more than one—floorspace is like water in the desert. In the never-ending battle for storage space at home, it's imagination versus square footage.
One substantial piece of freestanding furniture may provide enough centralized storage to let you free up wall space above your appliances, creating an airier look in your kitchen. Best suited to organized minimalists who own coordinated or matching dishes, open shelving can help create an accessible kitchen atmosphere. Repurpose vintage wooden shipping containers or farm cabinetry to create a warm and rustic kitchen. If you're organized, but your dishes aren't necessarily all worthy of display, open shelving is still an option.
Seemingly straight out of high school, repurposed lockers add industrial-style storage to this kitchen. If you aren't ready to commit to maintaining attractively organized shelves, an open shelving system outfitted with frosted glass sliding doors will let you get by with a little clutter. A sturdy door lets you take advantage of the handiness of open shelving without having to worry about chaos or order. Repurpose thoroughly cleaned metal storage cabinets and tool chests to give your kitchen a decidedly industrial feel. A collection of varied vintage wooden and metal boxes can be combined to create an unusual array of "cabinets" that pairs well with an otherwise understated kitchen.
A clean and modern look in the kitchen is pretty common, but laser-cut steel doors aren't the usual way the look is achieved.

If your existing cabinet exteriors are suited to it, reface them with reclaimed wood for a whole new look.
Books have been written about making kitchen cabinets—and one could be written about buying them, too. First, track down a few small glass or plastic storage jars—baby food jars work well, or you can purchase appropriate containers at any home organization store.
No matter the square footage of your kitchen, the perfect amount of space for storage and prep always seems just out of reach. We recently painted our kitchen cabinets, which involved clearing every cabinet, drawer, and countertop. Keep all your dry ingredients, such as sugar, flour, and oats, both fresh and a delight to behold.
One of the most prominent fixtures in your kitchen—the cabinets—can be your quickest path to creating a whole new room. Whether they store food, plates, appliances, or all three, cabinets often take up the majority of the real estate in the kitchen, both physically and visually. An antique hutch like the one pictured here offers the best of both worlds—space to display your china collection and hidden storage for less decorative items. Be sure shelves are securely hung—the last thing you want is to have to replace a whole set of broken dishes.
Use baskets to organize any items that might be an eyesore, along with foodstuffs that you want to keep handy but hidden.
Here, a common door is replaced with a sliding barn-style door that will command attention whether open or closed.

If you need more storage space, complete the look with open shelving and galvanized baskets. If you go the steel-cut route, we recommend a simple pattern so your cabinets don't appear too trendy. If they can't easily be refaced, combine a simple shelving system with doors made of reclaimed wood to create a rustic atmosphere. Glue strong magnets (available at craft stores) to the lids, fill the jars with spices, and arrange them on the fridge.
All you need is clear glass jars, spray paint, foam letters, a Sharpie, and this handy step-by-step from This Little Street. This pint sized coffee maker is perfectly sized for apartments, dorms or when you just need one cup of joe. One design caveat: Group larger, similar items—unalike, smaller stuff will simply look like clutter. This means that your cabinets may be the most important decision you'll make in decorating your kitchen—along with a few other vital, big-ticket items like the refrigerator and oven. We found 11 alternatives that will keep feeling fresh and new, whether you’re sitting down to breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

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