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We've checked around all over online and it seems every site is out of stock with this cookware set. To be honest, this is not OUR favorite stainless steel cookware set, but this 10-piece non-stick set is a BIG favorite for many, many people. These pots and pans are SUPER easy to clean and come out of the dishwasher in prefect, like new condition.
Here is a very information, yet quick, video explaining the technology behind Circulon cookware.
Circulon makes really great cookware.  Here are more sets that you can compare prices and features.

The versatile covered saucepans are ideal not only for whisking turkey gravy or Alfredo sauce, they also work well for cooking oatmeal or poaching eggs. T-fal's Easy Strain cookware set features a stainless steel interior and exterior, and heavy-gauge body for even heat distribution.
This set is oven and dishwasher safe, and works on all kinds of heat sources, making it ideal for everyday cooking. Make restaurant-quality entrees in the skillets or saute pan by searing steak or browning chicken, then deglazing with wine. This Farberware Millennium Stainless Steel collection stays true to its promise to provide affordable cookware that is stylish, practical and reliable.

The pansi?? bases are enhanced with aluminum, chosen because of the efficient way it conducts heat. These pans are suitable for use on all stovetops including glass and induction and are dishwasher safe.

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