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America’s Test Kitchen is filmed in a real, working test kitchen located just outside of Boston. In May 2014, after 10 years of daily recipe testing in the same test kitchen, America’s Test Kitchen got a well-deserved face-lift.
We use the same pots, pans, and cooking utensils that home cooks use, and most of these things have to be hand-washed. Whether we’re filming our show or developing recipes, the test kitchen is always packed with food.
When we renovated the kitchen in May 2014, we stepped up our firepower and added two more DCS 30" Double Wall Ovens for a total of 23 ovens, including our 5 DCS 36" Professional 6-Burner Ranges, to meet all our recipe testing needs. Producing a television show with a large cast and production crew in a small space requires lots of organization. Bridget Lancaster is the executive food editor for New Media, Television, and Radio at America’s Test Kitchen. Julia Collin Davison is the executive food editor for the book division of America’s Test Kitchen and is an on-screen test cook for America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Country from America’s Test Kitchen. Rebecca (Becky) Hays joined Cook’s Illustrated in 2000 and has worked on various magazine, book, and website projects.
Bryan Roof is a senior editor for Cook’s Country and is an on-screen test cook for America’s Test Kitchen. Dan Souza is a senior editor for Cook’s Illustrated and an on-screen test cook for America’s Test Kitchen. Adam Ried is the keeper of the Equipment Corner on America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Country from America’s Test Kitchen. John “Doc” Willoughby was the original executive editor of Cook’s Illustrated when the magazine was founded in 1993. Lisa McManus is Executive Tasting and Testing Editor at Cook’s Illustrated and Cook’s Country magazines. America’s Test Kitchen is the most-watched cooking show on public television—over 2 million viewers tune in each week—and in January 2016, America’s Test Kitchen will launch its 16th season.
The test kitchen chefs cook America’s favorite recipes with host Christopher Kimball and deconstruct each recipe to reveal the test kitchen’s secrets to foolproof cooking at home. It is the home of America’s Test Kitchen Radio, America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School, Cook’s Illustrated magazine, Cook’s Country magazine, and hundreds of cookbooks. Our America’s Test Kitchen sponsor SieMatic Mobelwerke USA custom built cabinets fit with innovative organizational tools to stand up to the demanding needs of our test kitchen. Cast member Bridget Lancaster plates a finished dish cooked on the main set, which is outfitted with a DCS 36" Professional 6-Burner Gas Cooktop, DCS 30" Double Wall Ovens, and a DCS 36" ActiveSmart French Door Refrigerator.
To make cleaning up a breeze, the test kitchen has a professional dish room and more than 15 Kohler sinks and faucets, including the Kohler Prolific Sink, Kohler Undertone® Preserves Sink, the Kohler Karbon® Articulating Deck-Mount Kitchen Faucets, and Kohler Sensate Touchless Pull-Down Faucets.
On average, developing one recipe is a 12-week process, so we needed all the firepower we could fit in our 2,500-square-foot test kitchen. No, our cast members don’t wash the dishes—we have a separate dish room staffed with three dishwashers.
She joined the Cook’s team in 1998 and is an original cast member of both America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Country from America’s Test Kitchen television shows, as well as a cohost for the America’s Test Kitchen radio program.

She began working as a test cook for Cook’s Illustrated in 1999 and is responsible for the food and recipe development for all America’s Test Kitchen cookbooks. She is the managing editor of Cook’s Illustrated and an on-screen test cook for America’s Test Kitchen.
He began working as a test cook for Cook’s Illustrated in 2006 and has worked on various magazine, book, and website projects. In addition to his work on Cook’s Illustrated, Dan has contributed content to a dozen America’s Test Kitchen cookbooks, most recently executing and editing the test kitchen experiments for The Science of Good Cooking (2012). He joined the staff of Cook’s Magazine in 1988 and helped with the launch of Cook’s Illustrated in 1993. During his 10-year tenure as an editor for Cook’s Illustrated, Adam developed and edited recipes, wrote feature stories, and contributed to many other sections of the magazine, including the popular Quick Tips. In 2001, he moved to New York to take the job of executive editor at Gourmet magazine, a position that he held until the fall of 2009. She researches and writes about kitchen gear and food, and she’s the on-screen gadget guru for America’s Test Kitchen. In addition to the popular segments that viewers have come to love and trust, like equipment reviews, taste tests, and foolproof recipes, the 16th season will feature even more content and numerous visits with well-loved chefs!
This season includes 57 all-new recipes, including Raspberry Charlotte, Black Bean Burgers, Foolproof New York Cheesecake, Crispy Salt and Pepper Shrimp, Duck Fat–Roasted Potatoes, Cuban Braised Shredded Beef, Chicken Mole Poblano, Ultimate Charcoal-Grilled Steaks, Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie, and more. The test cooks are dedicated to finding the best methods for preparing foolproof home-cooked meals. With so many choices a€” ranging from electric and gas ovens, built-in ovens, double ovens and more a€” ita€™s easy to find one that fits perfectly into your kitchen. The test kitchen is the Monday-to-Friday destination of more than three dozen test cooks, editors, food scientists, tasters, and cookware specialists.
They were made in Lohne, Germany, and shipped to our Brookline-based test kitchen to be assembled around our workhorse DCS appliances and Kohler sinks and faucets.
Each year, we spend more than half a million dollars on groceries, which we keep fresh in nine refrigerators located around the kitchen, including the DCS 36" ActiveSmart™ French Door Refrigerator, DCS 24" Outdoor Refrigerator, and DCS 15" Ice Maker.
For our gas grill recipe testing, we rely on the DCS 36" Professional Grill throughout the year. Bridget currently serves as the lead instructor for the America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School and helps develop and produce courses for the school. A graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute for Food and Health in Manhattan, Rebecca has worked in several professional kitchens and taught cooking classes to adults. Dan cut his culinary teeth as an apprentice in Hungary before graduating first in his class from the Culinary Institute of America. He established the tasting protocols used at America’s Test Kitchen and has authored dozens of articles for the magazine. Adam bore primary responsibility for Cook’s Illustrated’s highly respected kitchen-equipment testing and ingredient-tasting features. In February 2010, he returned to America’s Test Kitchen to assume the job of executive editor for magazines. She joined America’s Test Kitchen in 2006, after working as a newspaper food editor and a magazine and newspaper journalist in Boston, New York, and Palo Alto, California.

The 2,500-square-foot test kitchen in which America’s Test Kitchen is shot is the same kitchen where three dozen full-time test cooks work, testing and retesting recipes 20, 30, and sometimes 50 times, until they find the recipe that they are confident will work every time. Our mission is to test recipes over and over again to develop the absolute best recipes for all your favorite foods. Her earlier career led her to cook in restaurant kitchens in the South and Northeast, concentrating on pastry. Prior to her work in the food industry, Rebecca spent several years working on a securities trading floor.
After cooking in restaurants in New York City and Boston, however, he found his true calling: applying good science to create great recipes for the home cook.
Jack directed the launch of Cook’s Country magazine and oversees editorial operations at both magazines. John is also the coauthor, with chef Chris Schlesinger, of nine cookbooks, including the award-winning The Thrill of the Grill and How to Cook Meat.
She is a graduate of Brown University and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.
Currently, she resides outside of Boston with her husband and children and enjoys gardening as much as the short growing season will allow.
He is the tasting lab expert on America’s Test Kitchen, the top-rated public television cooking show, now in its 14th season, and Cook’s Country from America’s Test Kitchen.
He is a graduate of Macalester College and the culinary certificate program at Boston University.
He has taught graduate-level courses in food writing at both Boston University and the Radcliffe Seminars at Harvard College, as well as at the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone. Lisa is married to a rocket scientist, who is pretty nice about answering questions about thermal conductivity and other science topics 24 hours a day.
Before coming to America’s Test Kitchen, she worked in Albany, the Berkshires, San Francisco, and the Napa Valley at several restaurants, catering companies, schools, and wineries. Bryan’s culinary career took him into the kitchens of some of the East Coast’s best restaurants before landing in Boston in 2001.
Jack edited The Best Recipe (1999) and established the book division at America’s Test Kitchen. John has written about food and travel for a wide range of national magazines; presently he writes the “Power Ingredients” column for the New York Times Dining section, and has lectured widely on food, politics, and culture.
Julia resides in Natick, Massachusetts, where she enjoys cooking with her husband, Ian, and her daughter, Marta.
He lives in Arlington, Massachusetts, with his wife, Cristina, and budding foodies Nolan, Layla, and Tanner. He is the author of several cookbooks, including A Year in a Vegetarian Kitchen, Vegetables Every Day, The Complete Italian Vegetarian Cookbook, Pasta e Verdura, and Lasagna.

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