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Cookware On Sale UK Cookware, Baking Dishes, Fondue, Food Warmers, Lids, Pots & Pans, Steamers, Tagines, Terrines, Casseroles, Saucepans, Stockpots, Griddles and Woks. There isn’t a lot to say about this kit, other than it has worked great for us over the years. Fagor America, known as a trendsetter and leader in the consumer cookware category for many years, has introduced the 15 Piece Multifunctional Cookware Set. Who says you can’t have a high quality cookware set because your galley or kitchen space is limited?
Convenient, easy and versatile perfectly describe this distinctive and exclusive cookware set, whose contemporary features are quite unique. The secret behind this unique space-saving design is the two detachable handles that can easily be attached or removed to accommodate the user. This site is for my own pleasure and a place to share with my small circle of friends and family.

Most of the content here is backpacking or camping related, but I often pontificate on things that drive me crazy. Mussels Pot Black (20cm Diam) – ingenious lid can be used for empty shells Discount !! Comments Off on Mussels Pot Black (20cm Diam) – ingenious lid can be used for empty shells Discount !! Commercial Multifunctional cookware by Fagor is offers the perfect solution to RV owners, boaters and campers, as well as college students and apartment dwellers.
What truly makes this set stand apart from other cookware is how much space it can save in the kitchen. Nesting pots work best for storage in a camper, and when I saw this set at Camping World a few years ago, I had to have it. No longer will you have to settle for a less than ideal solution when shopping for cookware that meets your kitchen’s space requirements.

Specially designed for consumers with limited storage space, the cookware sets’ multifunctional design reduces kitchen clutter and replaces the traditional cookware set with a sleek, compact design.
And, in addition to metal lids, the set comes with four plastic lids for easy and convenient storage straight from the stove to the refrigerator. The pots all nest tidily, and the set altogether requires about a cubic foot of cupboard space.

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