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The special Cuisinart Ceramica nonstick surface in the GreenGourmet pans utilizes a petroleum-free hard alloy that allows for higher heat absorption and more even cooking. SilverStone Ceramic CXi offers a thick ceramic inner layer surrounded by an outer layer of steel, making the pans safe to use on everything from a gas burner to an induction stove. The Cook N Home NC-00358 ceramic cookware set features an aluminum design with a chemical-free ceramic coating. A thick exterior layer of porcelain ceramic makes the Paula Deen Collection easy to clean and excellent for heat absorption. The Flamekiss cookware set features an environmentally friendly design with an aluminum frame coated in nano ceramic material.
Oven- and dishwasher-safe, the Initiatives ceramic pans from T-fal offer a lightweight design that is chemical free. Ceramic cookware from Bialetti has a heavy-gauge aluminum core coated with high-temperature resistant silicone and a layer of ceramic. Ceramic cookware, like the WearEver Pure Living, is the newer type of pots and pans to grace the market.
Just like with any nonstick cookware, the ceramic coating can get chipped and it loses its nonstick properties over time.
The 15-piece set (C943SF63) has an additional covered skillet and sauce pan as well as a steamer.
The set is stain and scratch resistant and you could use metal utensils with the cookware as per the manufacturer’s claims. Both the interior and exterior is easy to clean and you can put the pieces into the dishwasher. Lids – While there are more pots and pans than lids, you will have the right size lid to fit every item. Sturdy – Although not particularly heavy, the pieces seem well-made and of acceptable quality. Durability – Complaints of the interior turning sticky and the coating being chipped are not unheard of. Stains and scratches – With the light colored interior, while it looks nice, will also mean that stains and scratches are very obvious to the eye.
Whenever you check out reviews of a cookware set, it is not uncommon to see two different extremes as to the quality and durability of the pieces under review.
In addition, the price is not too high that it is worth giving it a try if you want to replace your old nonstick pots and pans for safer and healthier ones like ceramic and waterless cookware.

All free of PTFE, PFOA, and lead, the pans feature an aluminum base that allows them to heat quickly and retain heat for a longer period of time.
Stainless steel handles remain cool while on the stove and the pan's energy-saving design requires less heat for cooking. Cadmium, PTFE, and PFOA free, the bright yellow pans feature riveted rubber handles for comfort and durability.
Featuring a scratch-resistant surface and anti-slip coating on the handle, the bright green pans also bring a touch of color to the kitchen. Henckels Spirit Thermolon pans have an aluminum core and a Themolon ceramic nonstick surface. Heavy-gauge construction heats evenly with no hot spots, and glass lids make it easy to see food while it cooks without sacrificing heat or moisture. Special Antimicrobial silver-ion technology prohibits the growth of mold and mildew while the tough inner coating stands up to metal utensils. The cooking surface withstands high temperatures, making the pans ideal for searing and frying, and they can withstand oven temperatures up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The white interior contrasts with the colored exterior and the special coating process is chemical free. It is getting increasingly popular because it is often associated as a replacement to the traditional nonstick Teflon pieces. How long would a piece last would really depends on the quality and the amount of care taken when using it. The Pure Living product line also carries a 15-piece set with a red color as an alternative to the champagne one. It costs about $70 more at the time of writing, so if you are just starting out with using ceramic pots and pans, you would be better off trying the 10-piece set first with its much lower price.
The base is made of aluminum for heat conduction and the interior is a nonstick ceramic coating with is free of PTFE, PFOA, cadmium and lead.
It is not too expensive that it would burn a hole in your wallet and yet, it has an appearance of quality in each of the pieces. You can get it in champagne or red and both have a light interior which makes it easy to see when it comes to cleaning.
It is also dishwasher-safe which is a plus compared to a lot of nonstick cookware which must be hand-washed. And you will get stains and scratches when your cookware has been put to great use over a period of time.

Available in red or champagne, the nonstick surface is safe to use with metal utensils and the cookware can withstand temperatures up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The pans are oven-safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and all of the packaging is environmentally safe.
Oven-safe up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, the shatter-resistant lids help the pans retain heat and moisture. Tempered-glass lids allow cooks to see food while it is cooking and the exterior features special coating that easily wipes clean.
The core heats up quickly and evenly and the exclusive flared rim on the edge allows for non-drip pouring.
Dual-riveted handles include copper-plated rings for easy storage and the plans are oven-safe up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The bottom of the pan includes a heat-distributing design that keeps the pans level on the cooktop and they come with vented glass lids.
Scan through the inventory that comes up until you see the pans you want, and then place your order. Yes, it doesn’t stick as much as it would with a stainless steel, but not all ceramic utensils are nonstick. So, treat it like any Teflon-coated pans and it would have a longer life span, but without the harmful chemicals that go with the former. The lids are made of glass and the pieces can withstand high temperature of up to 350°F for cooking. Using with care will prolong the life of the cookware but it is not a guarantee that it will still be in tip-top condition after repeated use over 6 months or more. As mentioned, there is no guarantee that your set will not get sticky and chipped over time but you can take comfort in the generally positive reviews overall.
It doesn’t have the special coating that releases the food from the cooking surface, so it is bound to stick a little and would require a little work with the spatula to get it to turn over.

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