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Apart from the obvious financial advantage, this type of pools gives you a wider discretion as regards the pool’s location. Outdoor Christmas decoration is very important to enhance your home and raises Christmas atmosphere at outside of your home. Although many TV gardening programmes would have you think otherwise a very large percentage of the UK population have a very small garden or perhaps just a patio. The container (and I include all pots in this) needs to be of a reasonable size for what you are going to grow in it. The container must (and I mean must) have a good number of drainage holes in the bottom to allow good drainage. The container must be of a frost proofed construction as they are going to be outside in all weathers and cheap terracotta pots will quickly shatter. An ideal container which meets the above four criteria is the Vigoroot Planter which is lined with a special fabric that prevent roots from spiralling within. If growing strawberries I strongly recommend you use a light, free draining compost such as coir (if like me you try to be organic) or a peat based compost (as used by commercial growers) as this provides ideal conditions for these plants.
If growing blueberries it is essential that you use a good ericaceous compost and feed using ericaceous feed. You will need to water container grown plants very often in sunny weather and this may well mean daily – so be prepared! Apples, pears, plums and cherries can easily be grown as vertical cordons but you will need a stake to grow them up.
Autumn fruiting raspberries can be grown in pots quite easily by planting three canes to a large container and growing them as a wigwam.
Cordon redcurrants grown up canes or stakes are another ideal fruit plant for growing in containers. So there you have it – basic principles to underpin my suggestion that you consider growing plants and trees in containers and my suggestions as to what you might like to try. Gerry is an experienced amateur fruit grower who is Chairman of the RHS Fruit Group, a member of the Royal Horticultural Society’s Fruit, Vegetable and Herb Committee and also their Fruit Trials Panel. This entry was posted in Container Growing, Fruit Trees, Raspberries, Soft Fruit Bushes, Strawberry Plants and tagged containers, cordons, fruit trees, growing, growing fruit in pots, patio, planting, Pomona Fruits, pots, soft fruit bushes by Gerry Edwards.

Not only can you plant real, live tiny plants in your garden.  Consider little succulent cuttings planted in little baskets, urns and tiny pots. I want an urn now!!!!… I just need a bigger garden… Woaw almost 20,000 followers in Pinterest! My daughters and I just finished a fairy garden this weekend – it was so fun to find what could be used in miniature and they had a blast working on it.
Sometimes I handbuild in high-fire clay, and I so want to make some fairy garden spots for the yard – love the inspiration.
OH Lisa, that is such a HUGE compliment (or at least that’s the way I’m taking it!!!)) So happy you are excited about plants!!!! I have been wondering what to do with the old bird bath I salvaged from a neighbors trash pile… I think it should be a little garden!
Maybe I’ve been living under a, uh, rock, but I have never really heard of a fairy garden before!
Hi, I wanted to see if you can tell me what was used as a pond in the fairy garden labeled Two Green Thumbs. Investing in an in-ground pool will most often involve too much hassle, as well as break the bank.
Aside from the liberty to choose the spot you want, there is also the benefit of portability, so you can always change your mind later on.
There is little doubt that in-ground pools are much more challenging when it comes to keeping them clean and in good state of repair.
But, sometime some people is lazy to decorate their outside house and preferred to buy some knick knacks.
I have some outdoor Christmas decoration pictures that may be inspired you to decorate your outside house for Christmas. Blueberries are, perhaps, the prime example as it is very hard to achieve ideal growing conditions for them unless your ground has just the right acidity for them to thrive. You must allow some room in the container for the roots to grow and I usually reckon to assume an additional 75mm all round from whatever container the tree or plant was grown in previously.
Well, to be honest, you can almost grow any fruit you want to – although some are easier than others.

You can even grow these trees as mini bushes but I would advise you to grow them as cordons as they will be far more productive in terms of cropping.
These trees have be grafted at about 12 in (30cm) above soil level to reduce the vigour and ensure they will thrive in containers for many years to come. Gerry judges fruit nationally for the Royal Horticultural Society and is also a qualified National Vegetable Society judge. If you're new here & don't want to miss a thing, be sure to subscribe to the Nesting Place blog updates.
Go check out Laura’s on Finding Home, she built one with her daughter’s it is adorable!
They can then be planted in containers or your landscape.If you plant them with the roots close together, over time their trunks will arc away from each other coming back close again at the crown. Conversely, above ground pools are becoming ever more popular thanks to their wide range of benefits.
It is only natural for traditional pools to be highly consumptive, whereas above ground pools are a more economical alternative. My advice is always that you can grow many plants nowadays in containers so why not have a go yourself if the majority of your garden is a patio? Figs, whose roots need to be potbound for them to start fruiting well, are ideal grown in containers and strawberries in pots or hanging baskets are perfect for having outside your back door as you can then pick them at any time with ease!
Improve the drainage at the bottom of the container by adding a layer of small stones first, then some gravel or shingle and then the compost. Additionally if you are planting trees in containers you need to ensure that they are deep and stable enough to prevent them being blown over in windy weather.
The only exception that I allow for this is when growing strawberries or blueberries (see below). I did buy one succulent plant, in a cool trophy urn (to be proudly shown off at your linky), but the most fun was coming home and making 2 mini terrariums for my girls, complete with butterflies =) I also bought a large apothecary at Michael’s yesterday and can’t wait to fill er up with succulents!

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