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To print the lesson  on kitchen utensils, equipment and gadgets a right click on a white space and choose print. Now with this little lot you can cook pretty much anything, so even if you are on a tight budget, get into the kitchen and start cooking.
Before there were specialized gadgets for every last kitchen need (yeah, I’m talking to you, zesters, peelers and presses), chefs got along just fine with a few standard kitchen tools. Forget elaborate knife sets with blades for every job, and listen to straight-talking celeb chef Anthony Bourdain. With Bourdain’s advice in mind, consider buying this high-quality steel Global Chef’s Knife ($99–$169 at Williams-Sonoma).
If you’re on a budget, a sharp, lightweight, multipurpose knife will have you slicing, mincing and chopping like a pro. If you want a skillet that’s already seasoned, consider buying one from a garage sale or Goodwill. The Cuisinart Smart Stick ($50.91 at Amazon) is a three-in-one device that functions as a food processor, blender and whisk. This cutting board from Core Bamboo ($66.70 at Sears) adds a ribbon of color to its bright bamboo wood and is guaranteed to brighten any workspace. Combine your salt and pepper shakers with this Two-in-One Salt and Pepper Grinder from Art and Cook ($19.99 at Amazon). This attractive cooking methods poster ($18 at The Sweet Tooth Paper Goods Company) is a helpful index for equipment, temperature and timing requirements. In addition to being a hub for seasonal recipes and kitchen tricks, Food52 offers a hotline that provides real-time answers to burning questions.

This free app helps you plan meals, stick to a budget on your shopping trips, submit and review recipes and consolidate your kitchen notes in one place. Epicurious is a great resource for at-home cooks who want to find recipes from famous chefs, get tips on hosting dinner parties and interact with like-minded foodies. SpotsHUB-Gourmet Kitchen Starter Set -- No kitchen is complete without these basic foods and utensils. Every product sold on SpotsHUB comes with FREE delivery within SpotsHUB EXPRESS coverage area. We’re proud to say that our delivery system is so good, we’re able to guarantee free delivery to shoppers from Vancouver to Chilliwack.
You can click on the printer icon just below and to the right of the contact us menu button at the top of the page or copy and paste the part of the exercise you want onto a word document and then print onto some paper. Here is our list of basic kitchen tools that will be of use when kitting out a home kitchen from scratch. These glass Pyrex jugs are close to unbreakable and have been around forever for good reason. With a specialized team of experts in art design and logistics, Spectrum consistently provides top-quality products that are functional, attractive and cost-effective. With a cabinet door lid rack ($20.32 at Amazon), you can stash all the lids to your pots and pans in one handy space—and never go searching again. The process of seasoning your skillet starts with its first use, and the cast iron will give subtle flavor to every meal thereafter as a result of keeping the skillet greased after each cook. A fraction of the size of all of these standalone products, the Smart Stick allows you to clear counter space without sacrificing functionality.

The free Food52 Hotline mobile app offers helpful on-the-go tips on how to get the best results out of your recipes. With a standalone website and apps for iPhone and Android, PepperPlate is a versatile tool for all aspects of your kitchen. The website has a passionate user base that shares recipes, techniques and recommendations on everything food related.
If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, send it back to us and we will process your return request promptly. We have (in most cases) not bothered about time-saving electrical tools, because most of them don’t really save time at all. So before I become a better cook, I really need to get a better kitchen (no, I’m not procrastinating, I promise!). According to Tim Maloney, the chef de cuisine at Pink Avocado Catering in Austin, Texas, this strategy is essential. Lodge makes some of the most highly regarded cast-iron skillets, and you can get the Lodge Logic at retailers like Macy’s ($35) and REI ($29.95). From the kitchen to the bath, and all in between, you'll find exactly what you need for all of your home needs. Thanks to a professional chef, I’ve discovered a few culinary tips and hacks to help me tidy up my kitchen and become a more efficient apartment-dwelling cook in the process.

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